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I bought my first place  last year. It was on the market for over a year. Its a beautiful vintage condo but the former owners didnt stage or prepare it for sale. As a creative, I was able to see past the ugly orange kitchen(not the mention the track lighting) and horrific blue bedroom. After changing the paint colors and two light fixtures, I was home.

house for sale

Not everyone that looks at your home will be able to see past your personal taste.   Its so important to properly prepare your home for sale. Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Pack...Get rid of the clutter. Pack anything that you wont be using soon. This includes off season clothing, books, toys ect. The best case scenerio is to put them in storage or neatly stacked in the corner of a basement.

2. Purge..Do you really need to keep hauling those boxes around. This is the perfect time to get rid of things. Go room by room and analyze its belongings. Think about what will work in your new home. Decide what to sell and donate.

2. Paint. Not all of us have the creative eye. Especially in the city, I see more and more buyers that want move in ready homes.  Choose nice neutral colors that flow through the space such as beige or light grey. And if you do buy a place with bad colors, call me! I still have extra primer!!

Happy Selling!


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