Krazy Craft Rooms

How many us of wait each weekend for the Sunday paper for those wonderful coupons from Joanns and Micheals? I don't dare to enter the craft stores on Sunday as the lines are always crazy long.

Yes we love our crafts. I often find people have multiple interests and quite the stock of stuff. Whether you have a whole room( you should see my moms) or a small part of a basement, your creativity with reach new heights with some good organization.

craft room

If you have the space, good shelving is a must. Use all your vertical space and keep a step stool handy. Store like with like in clear bins. Shoe box size bins and small to medium size bins work the best. Make sure that each bin has a label on it. Try to store like next to like. This makes it easier when you are doing specific crafts. Organizing by color works very well for fabrics and yarn.

So what to do with the duplicates and those things you don't plan to use(those impulse clearance purchases) for creations? Churches, senior centers, and even teachers would be thankful for donations.

Happy Crafting!


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