Kitchen..funky or functional

Being a southern gal, I love nothing better than cooking a great meal. Having a functional kitchen is of upmost importance to any cook. I have seen many a kitchen in Chicago. Dont get me wrong, the designs are incredible..but not functional.


Here are some quick tips to make your kitchen work for you!

1. Keep only what you use on a regular basis in your kitchen. Any extra entertaining items (such as platters), should be stored elsewhere.

2. Organize your pantry and keep like with like. Line up the cans and label the shelves if possible.

3. Not a big baker? If you dont use your baking items on a regular basis, put  them up on a high shelf.

4. Organize those spices, please!! Nothing is more frustrating then spending time to find your spices. Spice stacking shelves work great. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may have drawers that you can fit your spices in. You should organize them by alphabet or by most frequently used items.

5. Weed out those utensils. If its worn, broken, or non functional, it needs to go.

Mangia Mangia!!


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