Staying Organized- When You Should Have Duplicates Of Items

While we try to limit our items, there are times that it makes sense to have duplicates. In certain situations it will save us time and great stress. Here are some situations in which having duplicated items will be of great benefit. * Do you travel for a living? If so, it will save you... Read more »

Staying Organized- The Art Of Relocation

One organizing break down that I see on a consistent basis is lack of relocating. Yup, not putting things away. In many cases, we take items away from their home to use them and they don’t get put away. Then we have a clutter build up. The other night I came home from movies in... Read more »

The Hardest Stuff To Organize

People always ask me what is the hardest stuff to organize.Is it paper? Clothing? That basement? Nope, its the little stuff. Its all those little items that don’t really have a defined space or category. Lets define these items. 1. Those little figurines. They could have come from relatives, McDonald’s lunches, or even the Hallmark... Read more »
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Condo Management- How To Run A Building

With everything else going on in my life right now, I found myself being asked to take over the position as condo treasurer. My mom was like- do they know you? You mean my slice and dice the budget attitude? I gave them an out. They didn’t take it. So I took over the reigns... Read more »

How To Be Functional When You Are Grieving

On April 16th, I got the shock of my life. My baby brother passed away. I was sitting at my desk plowing through my paperwork when I got the call. I immediately cleared my schedule and planned to leave for Texas. In my state of shock, I first started to call his friends. It was... Read more »

Managing All Those Keys- Tips For Creating a Key Center

One thing I always find when cleaning out a person’s home is keys. Yup. Keys and more keys. As time passes, we forget about these items and toss them in a drawer. Then one day, during a cleaning and organizing session, we find a pile of them. What do they go to? Where do they... Read more »

Spring Cleaning- Those Important But Forgotten Areas

Today we have a guest post by Breathing  Clean. While Spring cleaning tends to focus on the basics of the home, there are some areas that we tend to neglect. This is good information!! Spring Maintenance Projects for Your Home Tips for making the most of spring cleaning, inside and out     After the... Read more »

Why You Have An Overflow of Paper

Paper- the root of all evil. It never ends.  We can do something about it. We can get it under control. But first we need to understand why we have this problem. Here are some things to think about. We aren’t purging things we no longer/need or have. Examples include: old mortgages, old car info,... Read more »

Home Staging- The Importance Of Making Your Home Shine

They say you should pack, purge, and paint when you are getting ready to sell your home. The three P’s as they call them. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to put your home on the market, you should complete repairs, declutter, and stage. Staging- is the art of making a... Read more »

March 13th National Organize Your Home Office Day

With the increasingly number of people working for home, the home office has become as common as the dining room. Even families that don’t work at home are creating a home office to process their paperwork and keep on top of their projects. Due to lack of time, organizational skills, or systems, this room can... Read more »