Winter Organizing Projects

Its cold. Its dreary. No one wants to go out and play. There isn’t a yard or garden to maintain right now. It’s the perfect time to work on some organizing projects. Time to get things done. Here are some projects that are perfect to tackle. 1. Holiday decor- We all have excess in this... Read more »

Breaking Bad Habits That Waste Our Time

We all have them- bad habits. True confession, I have them too. These bad habits cost us time and money. Most of the time we put ourselves in these positions without realizing it. My bad habit- I am the “Go to Girl” or a good resource. I love to help people. In my business I... Read more »

Should You Get Rid Of Things You Don't Use Each Year

One question that most people often ask is – “Should I get rid of it, if I haven’t used it in a year?” My answer is always- it depends on the category. There are many things in our homes that we don’t use on a regular basis but are what I consider staples or “standard”... Read more »
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How To Downsize Your Home

On Thursday I am giving a speech at the Elgin Library on downsizing. There will come a time in all our lives when we will change our living space. Whether is moving from a home to a condo, assisted living, or in with your kids, your space will change. Over the years, I have seen... Read more »

The Necessity Of The Pre- Move Purge

No matter how organized you are, there are a few things that you need to do before you move. The standard plan is pack, purge, and paint. Yes purging before you move it very important for many reasons. In a natural state of things, stuff enters our home and lives. Like a good neighbor, we... Read more »

An Organizers Top Tips For Time Management

Last week I gave a speech to a company on time management. We all need more time in our lives, don’t we. Here are some of my tops tips on how to better manage your time. 1. Limit The Incoming- The more you bring into your home or office, the more you have to manage... Read more »

The Reality Of The Estate Sale- What Really Sells

This month I have been busy with a new project. I am running an estate sale with a friend. We decided to venture in these waters to see if its an avenue that we wanted pursue. We were fortunate enough to be able to work with a big house with lots of stuff. The house... Read more »

Running a Successful Estate Or Garage Sale

This year I am branching out and running my first estate sale. While I have attended or helped participate in these for many years, I am excited to partner with another home services professional to manage one. Here are some tips to help you manage your own sale. 1. The first thing you should do... Read more »

Organized For 2019- What And Where To Purge

Another year has passed. Most of us like to start off the New Year fresh and clean. That means cleaning out the house and letting go of the stuff that we no longer need in our lives or space. Below is a plan to help you get started!! 1. Tackle those papers. Time to clean... Read more »

Where To Start When You Purge Your Whole House

When I am hired to do a whole house purge, I always start in the basement or attic. Time and time again, this mystifies my clients. Why do I choose these areas? These tend to be the places of the forgotten stuff. By cleaning out the attic and the basement, you provide space for items... Read more »