Family Communications Manager- An Organizers Role In Her Family

Last week was not a good week for the Kelly/Kessler family we are minus the patriarch of Kelly side of the family. Our very own secret agent man, the one that traveled the world, and was larger than life died from a massive aneurysm. The parential units could not be reached, so I got the... Read more »

How Soon Should You Purge Your Familes Stuff; After They Pass

Every summer my family made the trek back from Texas to Connecticut to visit family. It was the same thing every year. My grandma’s chicken soup, a day at the beach with my Auntie, Aunt Kates 4th of July party, and a peak inside my Aunt Adas closet. My Aunt Ada’s beloved husband Charlie had... Read more »

Building Out Your Space- Is It Worth It?

Three years ago I fell in love with a great vintage condo, then I opened the master closet door. I could not speak. It was shelved like a pantry with one hanging bar! This was not going to cut it for me. The shelves were too large and any pile would topple. Who wants to... Read more »

Moving and Packing-Tips From A Pro

Aside from it being spring cleaning season, its also moving season. At the end of the school year, everyone is clammering to move and get settled. I jokingly call it “Christmas Season” for professional organizers. Why? Because you don’t know what you are walking into when you arrive to unpack and set up a house.... Read more »

Family Heirlooms; When The Kids Don't Want Your Stuff

I was speaking at a senior center last week and the question of the hour was “What do we do with our stuff? The kids don’t want it.” In the past, parents and grandparents would save their treasures for the next generation. It was expected that you would take your mother’s china, milk glass collection,... Read more »

Will Chicago Finally Ban Plastic Bags- Vote To Be Held April 15th

Last week I was walking my neighbors dog and forgot to bring a doggy bag. Luckily, so many people choose to litter so I had quite the choice of plastic bags on the ground! Sad but true. I have been a huge fan of banning plastic bags for many reasons. Aside from being bad for... Read more »

An Organizer Provides Answers To Some Most Common Organizing Concerns

I have been organizing for eleven years- ten years in my own business. Some days, I feel like a rock star! I came, I declutterd, and I organized. Other days I run home with my tail between my legs. Yup, I am a people pleaser! I want to make amazing progress in every project I... Read more »

What To Do When Kids Fly The Coop and Leave Their Stuff; Clearing Out Kids Clutter

Congrads! You are now an empty nester! The kids have flown the coop. You can dance around all day in your jammies with a glass of wine if you want. You don’t have to make dinner for anyone but your spouse! Party time. After the glow fades, you realize that you have been left with... Read more »

The Mail Monster- Why Are We All So Afraid Of The Mail

A very large part of my business is paper management. I find that many people are afraid of what I call the “mail monster”. Yes, that daily pile of paper that comes in our home. So how do we tame this wild beast and get our paper under control?? Limit what comes in your mailbox.... Read more »

The Purse Problem- Keeping It Organized

I was at a party the other week and they were playing that game- “what is in your purse,”- I lost of course. Purse items are the one area that I am a true minimalist. Don’t ask me for kleenex or a nail file. The best piece of purse organization advice I have ever recei... Read more »