Shopping Diets- The New Fad

While the world has gone crazy with purging and keeping only what “sparks joy”- another new trend has emerged. Women all over the place are going on shopping diets. Its all the rage. Several of my clients have jumped on the bandwagon stating that they won’t be buying new clothes for a year. I am... Read more »

Clutter Awareness Week Starts March 17, 2019

Who knew? While everyone who is Irish and Chirish were celebrating St Patrick’s Day on March 17th (all weekend in Chicago), a little known holiday slid by unnoticed- Clutter Awareness Week. The third Sunday of March starts a week long holiday of Clutter Awareness. Clutter is defined as – things lying around in an untidy... Read more »

Items To Purge When You Are Moving

Moving is never fun. There are so many decisions to make in a short amount of time. One of the most important decisions is – do you take it all or do a pre-purge? I am always in favor of purging before you move. Every little bit that you can make a decision on will... Read more »

Organizing For the Speaker

Aside for organizing, I love a good conversation. In the last several years, the speaker portion of my business has grown quite a bit. On an average, I give 10 to 15 speeches a year. These range from libraries to corporate lunch and learn sessions. So how does one run a business, and manage a... Read more »

Organizing An Overseas Move

Whether its for business or retirement, there are those lucky people that get to move overseas to some exotic locale. When this is the case, your items will be loaded onto a container for transportation purposes. Obviously you need to make some tough choices about what you will need. Hear are some guidelines to help... Read more »

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want To Get Organized

I get calls all the time from people that need organizing help. They don’t like the way that their homes look or flow of stuff. They are frustrated and don’t know what to do. Before you can start working on your space, ask yourself these questions: 1. What are my goals? 2. Does everything in... Read more »

Winter Organizing Projects

Its cold. Its dreary. No one wants to go out and play. There isn’t a yard or garden to maintain right now. It’s the perfect time to work on some organizing projects. Time to get things done. Here are some projects that are perfect to tackle. 1. Holiday decor- We all have excess in this... Read more »

Breaking Bad Habits That Waste Our Time

We all have them- bad habits. True confession, I have them too. These bad habits cost us time and money. Most of the time we put ourselves in these positions without realizing it. My bad habit- I am the “Go to Girl” or a good resource. I love to help people. In my business I... Read more »

Should You Get Rid Of Things You Don't Use Each Year

One question that most people often ask is – “Should I get rid of it, if I haven’t used it in a year?” My answer is always- it depends on the category. There are many things in our homes that we don’t use on a regular basis but are what I consider staples or “standard”... Read more »

How To Downsize Your Home

On Thursday I am giving a speech at the Elgin Library on downsizing. There will come a time in all our lives when we will change our living space. Whether is moving from a home to a condo, assisted living, or in with your kids, your space will change. Over the years, I have seen... Read more »