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The Algebra of Greed

NOTE: These are, to me, respective equations of our Right Now. We all struggle to make ends meet in a world where to Rise is almost considered an insult. What thing Wicked this way comes, lurching toward Skyscrapered Babylon? Ugly or Beautiful, the best we can hope for is that it will be entertaining…and maybe... Read more »

Why Recycling and Politics Do Not Mix (Garbage In, Garbage Out)

Why do people insist on edifying the George W. Bush regime when downing Obama? Do they really think that just because Obama is a lying, soulless, communist scoundrel that the fascism of the Bush era was better? Is it their idea of better to have a guy in office that will lie his way into... Read more »

Why I Cannot Write About Pizza and Beer

I guess everyone except for the robots (which some of us are) have some days where we get introspective. I realized yesterday while walking through the fantastic, cool night air that I’ve been tossing out next-to-insane opinions to people without much explanation. It only makes sense to spend a little time explaining a few things... Read more »

You Give Up Yours, Copper, I'll Give Up Mine

Imagine a world where only the cops have guns. The anti-gun liberals always cry about how England has little gun crime because no one is allowed to have guns over there. Well, that’s just it. NO ONE is allowed to have guns over there, except the military. The cops can’t have them, either. I do... Read more »

Advent Communism and the Do-Nothing Party

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: After reading this, I almost decided not to post it. Not because I don’t believe the words I have written here, I do. In fact I think to hear things like the following is necessary. I balked because this is more than likely going to alienate me from EVERYONE before I really even... Read more »

Why Politicians Should Not Gripe About Welfare

Last night, I was sitting in Hooper’s Sports Bar and Grill, where my wife works, watching Mitt Romney politic from the plasma screens above the bar. At one point, Mr. Romney smiled. His smile is unsettling, reminding me of the tight, phony grin the redheeaded actor from DREAMCATCHER pulls when the Alien takes full control... Read more »