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iVote an ambitious idea

It began with the notion that the average citizen is not well-informed or well-educated enough to make the best decision as to who should be President. In addition, smaller states were afraid their votes would be crushed by the bigger states. In 1787, this was a very valid fear. Now, in these days of Red... Read more »

As yappers flap, brains shrink

After the political pillow fight, the feathers are flying with the public pillow fight. Dander and other resultant odd particulate matter pollute the air. The Snark and Rage falls to the floor and becomes an ugly mess of fluffy muck. No one can walk in this swamp, but they sure can talk. A personal favorite... Read more »

Election 2012: The lesser evils have it

I do not like Obama and I have made that clear, but I am glad he has taken the popular vote over Mitt Romney. A strong and diplomatic foreign policy is vital to our safety as a society, and Romney’s desire to start a fight on day one most definitely did not suit my palate.... Read more »

The DC Derby

ANNOUNCER: “Thank you for joining us here in Chicago for the DC Derby. It’s a drippy day and the wet atmosphere sets the mood for the race mere moments away from happening. Any second now we’ll hear the pop of the starting gun and our horses will fire down the track like rippling bolts of... Read more »

Ready, set, vote...or don't

I was going to do it. I really was. It has been said that people are dying in the Middle East for the right to vote, and the popular opinion is that, as such, any American who does not vote is dishonoring their deaths. I think that’s a crock. First of all, those people do... Read more »

Choice: In all things, it is yours alone

I can feel the sickness begin to abate, the tight pressure of the spot coming to cream and ready to be nudged to bursting. Within the next day, fortnight, or at latest month we will all know beyond a shadow of a doubt who is going to be our next Commander In Chief. As is... Read more »