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The Algebra of Greed

NOTE: These are, to me, respective equations of our Right Now. We all struggle to make ends meet in a world where to Rise is almost considered an insult. What thing Wicked this way comes, lurching toward Skyscrapered Babylon? Ugly or Beautiful, the best we can hope for is that it will be entertaining…and maybe... Read more »

The Evolution Of A Species

What if there was an insane, Class X solar flare on December 21st of this year, the kind that sent ions that would change our evolutionary make-up? For you Creationists out there, I guess this isn’t a worry. You’ll all be on the Rapture Express before anything of this sort could happen but for the... Read more »

The Extremist Uprising Must Not Damage Our Rights

I was not going to blog about the Extremist Uprisings. CPS is far more popular. But things like that are for the blogs of others, and you all have covered it very well. I feel this one falls to me. But I very much want to know what you all think about these things I... Read more »