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The Criminal Chronicles: Vol. One

What was the shock of your life? Imagine it for a moment. How did it feel? Did it hurt? Was it no big deal? Did it make you want to rage or did you find yourself instantly triumphing over the jolt of Fear, a jolt subsequently turning to apathy as a defense mechanism? I know... Read more »

The rippling waters of war

Is Israel testing the waters for war? The official report says no. Sudanese and Iranian officials say witnesses saw four Israeli planes come in from the east at night and bombed the Yarmouk factory just south of the capital of Khartoum. Israel isn’t making any official statements about the attacks thus far. Everyone has heard... Read more »

Get behind the mule

Last night, the tone was somewhat subdued compared to the bombastic tone of the previous round. The candidates sat calmly in chairs, maintaining a wholly different air from the checked-anger demeanor of the previous debate. It made for a lesser show, but the talk, where it was not redundant, was important business. For me this... Read more »

The great debate: You ask your question, I'll answer mine

What the hell did I watch last night? Was that a debate? It seemed more to me like a pillow fight. One done with words rather than fluffy squares, but the feathers were flying nonetheless. Romney rambled, and Obama countered by shoving a broomstick straight up the Walking Suit’s fundament. Four years ago Obama was... Read more »