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The death of art: Today's entertainment is pathetic and banal

Where has all the good music gone? The good horror movies? It’s all shit nowadays. Sam Raimi fucked himself when he wrote THE GRUDGE. What a pile of absolute faeces. Nothing but a ridiculous Japanese rip-off. Christ, I can’t even watch it, not when I think about EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN. I miss... Read more »

Corporations asking for solutions from a Washington they tell to "keep out"

This from John Heider, a fatback working for Rehmann Financial in Ohio: “Washington needs to get out of the way of the financial markets and American business…they need to create some certainty over how businesses should best deploy all the cash that they’re sitting on.” (AP) The last sentence is just piss poor speaking. Which... Read more »

Phoniness and pseudo-expertise rampant and depressing

People spend so much of their lives building houses on foundations that they think are strong and unshakeable. They try to be unflappable and emotionless for fear that any bridge they have built might break if they make any mistake. Social mistakes can quickly burn these edifices to ash. In being careful, it makes them... Read more »

Armageddon letter to author John Bruni

Having too many topics I wanted to cover, I decided instead to post something a bit more personal. I hope it isn’t in bad taste. It is a letter to the man I call my brother, author John Bruni, whose first novel, “Strip”, will come out 12/7/2012. This is for all intents and purposes an... Read more »

"Fiscal" Cliff and the Great Divide

John Boehner: “No substantive progress has been made between the White House and the House in the two weeks since Obama welcomed congressional leaders at the White House.” (AP) Of course not. Is Obama as naïve as the republicans think he is, or are they just sour about their pals having to shell out some... Read more »

Tribes of the Moon yap in Chicago: No bombs yet

Protestors are lining the streets of Chicago in an attempt to have their voices heard negating U.S. allegiance with Israel in regard to the attacks on the Gaza Strip. The pictures show a story of Palestinian born Americans and immigrants wide-mouthed with indignant anger at children killed by Israel’s missile attacks. They raise their fists... Read more »

GOP device failure notice: system erroneous and archaic

The Republicans are already saddling up for 2016. These people waste no time. Wisconsin’s Scott Walker has said that “the next GOP leader must do a better job explaining why the party’s policies will help ordinary Americans.” (Associated Press) Chris Christie (Gov., NJ) is rallying his troops and following OMERTA with staunch resolve by dodging... Read more »

Welcome to the secession a go-go

Is it all really real? Are there really thirty-two (32) states that want to secede from the Union? Did I know I could laugh so hard at the ignorance of some people? It’s like a horrible case of déjà vu. This happened long ago and everyone knows it. What sort of different outcome do these... Read more »

iVote an ambitious idea

It began with the notion that the average citizen is not well-informed or well-educated enough to make the best decision as to who should be President. In addition, smaller states were afraid their votes would be crushed by the bigger states. In 1787, this was a very valid fear. Now, in these days of Red... Read more »

As yappers flap, brains shrink

After the political pillow fight, the feathers are flying with the public pillow fight. Dander and other resultant odd particulate matter pollute the air. The Snark and Rage falls to the floor and becomes an ugly mess of fluffy muck. No one can walk in this swamp, but they sure can talk. A personal favorite... Read more »