"Opinions That Can Get You In Trouble" is my blog about exactly that. If you repeat the things I say in public, maybe adding a picket sign to the fun, you may be met with a problematic result. You may even get bloody, as did the Chicago Seven or some of the Occupy Protesters. On the lighter side, if you were to repeat them in a bar, you may start a fight. This is the kind of trouble I mean. I don't think you'll get locked up for terrorism, though.

Or maybe nothing will happen at all. Give it a whirl, and see how you do. I would welcome any reports on the events that may ensue should you take to the streets and declare that the United States is headed for Communism and a Police State, or that everyone should cut their credit cards in half, or that certain words of ill-repute should not be illegal to use due to the fact that we live in a (ostensibly) free-speech society.

Or (and this may be my favorite) that politicians are nothing but evil suckfish that live on the same Welfare as the people in the ghetto. This is the other side of the spectrum, folks, not right or left, but something as yet unnamed. If you can think of one, let me know. I'm always open to comments of any sort.