Armageddon letter to author John Bruni

Having too many topics I wanted to cover, I decided instead to post something a bit more personal. I hope it isn't in bad taste. It is a letter to the man I call my brother, author John Bruni, whose first novel, "Strip", will come out 12/7/2012. This is for all intents and purposes an open look into my head. It's a little like being naked in Speech class. Enjoy.

Bro, check this out:

“BEIRUT (AP) -- France on Tuesday became the first Western country to formally recognize Syria's newly formed opposition coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”

So France has taken a side against Assad? Did this not happen once before in Vietnam? Something very similar? Does that mean that when we step in it will become a full-on desert quagmire that makes the Iraq war look like a skirmish?

Well, we’ve gone ahead and recognized them as well. The plot thickens. As per usual we want them to prove something to us first. We want them to prove they intend to become part of Democracy. Who can say this is not noble? The biggest question will be, as it always is, whether the ends justify the means.

Hillary Clinton may run on a campaign in ’16 to make these rebels look…well, fuck. One way or the other. She’ll use them for her campaign to be sure.

They want weapons. The UN and NATO aren’t ready to give them any weapons.
Christ, we did this already. It didn’t work out well the first goddamn time. In fact, it created the terrorist problem we have now. This is like a mixed repeat of both Vietnam and Afghanistan in the eighties. Sounds like a perfect shitstorm.
Libya! The new Laos. Is that a fair prediction to make?

I was wondering how Syria would reconnect with Turkey to begin forming New Assyria. Then I see this: “The aerial attack raised the two-day death toll in the region to an estimated 31 people. Nearly 10,000 Syrians have fled into Turkey since Friday, seeking safety from shelling and bombing.” I’m probably behind, but I can see that Turkey is more than willing to aid the innocents among the Syrian people. OK, so who is next to form the country (Assyria) that will mark the beginning of the self-fulfilling Armageddon prophecies? Is it Iran, or Iraq?

Syria’s political opposition has finally found their Suit: the Face who will lead them into relevance. Mouaz al-Khatib. Nice fucking name, buddy. And you’re a preacher-turned-activist, eh? Hopefully not a Fred Phelps, heh. Otherwise problems will ensue. In fact, there are all kinds of problems with that. Religious leaders tend to turn on the masses and begin killing at random for acts of heresy or the like. On top of that, he has no political experience so he knows fuck-all about foreign policy and diplomacy. He’s not even as good a candidate as Mitt Romney. Not a fan of this choice of leaders for the long run.

The rebels like him. Do the people? Here is a quote from the guy: “"My brothers, we lived all our lives, Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites and Druse as a one- hearted community, and with us lived our dear brothers who follow Jesus peace be upon him," he said in Damascus. The first two groups of folks he mentioned I KNOW worship Allah, not Jesus. So. That’s…suspect somehow. Isn’t it? Or am I paranoid? I could be…can they hear me, heh.

One thing all sects have in common is hatred of Assad. “He who hates my enemy is my friend.” That’s Machiavelli if I’m not mistaken. Syrian students think he’ll be able to reign in the extremists as well, and bring an amazing, unprecedented unity among the people of Syria. Interesting.

Is this saying what I think it is saying? “But some opposition figures believe Washington could give its tacit support to others funneling weapons if the new broad-based rebel coalition holds together and gains international legitimacy, winning recognition from the Arab League and other groups.”

OLLIE NORTH! Heh. Seriously though…does this mean that as long as the Syrian people are behind them, we will, by proxy, fund Al-Qaeda? We will arm the group associated with them, Jabhat al-Nusra by proxy if we provide arms to the other rebels. Training as well.

I once read somewhere that the end of days would come to pass after Assyria was reestablished as a nation. There is also the argument that the end of times began with the recognizing of Israel as a sovereign nation. I’m not saying I believe in any of this, but it serves some food for thought considering how closely linked Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq are these days. The joining of these nations under a Christian doctrine would constitute a new Assyria. This cannot happen without an incredibly devastating war...a full on new crusade, if you'll allow.

When you read about the Assyrian people you find that they are scattered all over the world, like the lost tribe of Israel. Does anyone realize this? If so, they damn sure aren’t reporting it. This civilization ate the ancient Sumerians and seemingly puked the half-digested peoples out among the world like unprocessed green beans in a drunk’s toilet. In their heart of hearts, are they pissed off about this? You know, before I contemplate this far-fetched and odd notion I should consult Pastor Towns. Damned if I did not read it somewhere, and I don’t mean just in the Edgar Wells pieces you published long ago. I’d like to meet that guanopsychotic lunatic someday, if anyone can find him.

Funny: I found a fluff piece about Paul Ryan conceding to Obama, saying Obama won “fair and square.” No shit, you jackass. I kind of wish Obama hadn’t. If I had an agenda to get rid of the Electoral College it would be easier to push if Romney had won the popular vote. Ye gods! I’m thinking like a politician.

Scott Brown is begging the Reps to stop being a bunch of fucking backwards cro-mags. He’s fighting an uphill battle. He lost, incidentally, in his race for re-election to the Senate (Massachusetts). He is asking Reps to be a more open-minded party. “But then we’d be liberal, or something!” they all cried at the same time. Bunch of goddamn troglodytes. I can’t say I despise the GOP but I despise the people within it; hence I suppose I despise the GOP for as far as that goes.

“It’s not just the economy, stupid.” Thus begins a piece on the AP. It goes on to describe changing demographics. The Romnuts have even pissed off the journalists, it seems…of course these two are women, and I don’t think they’re in binders. It’s enough to scare any man in a red power tie.

And…Congress is going to do everything they can to remain divided until Obamacare goes into effect…or not. I bet that’s still up in the air. So we have a broken country where one side is not sure of their ideas and one side has no clear ideas but they know they hate the other side’s ideas and that is absolutely confusing and disgusting and will leave everyone distracted well enough to ignore the chaos and portent on the other side of the world. I used to think things were orchestrated so sides could have respective advantages but now I think shit just happens in order to entertain the Great Bastard in the Sky. Things lock in place but they are in their beginnings unrelated. I’ll be watching the next two years with a microscopic eye. Between all of the bloodshed overseas and the junkpile accumulating on American soil, I imagine there will be plenty to watch.

OK. More later. You know what the great man said: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”



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  • Ah yes. History repeats itself. It's been a while since we had us a good, profitable war, and what better way to make money than a holy war? Here's another Vietnam comparison for you: WE DON'T BELONG IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Let them sort out their own shit. Historically, the only reason we've been there is because they have oil, and we don't. (At least, we don't have oil we can't get to without pissing off environmentalists.) Here's the cool thing, though: we have alternative fuel options now. Why are we still in the Middle East? Ah. There's a question. Two words: THE BIBLE. Israel is God's chosen people. We want to be on the winning side of the Apocalypse, right?

    Once again, I resort to my daily mantra (at least of late): FUCK EVERYBODY.

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    This may not be the smartest move I could make, but right now, in my cups, I don't care. Instead of a diatribe, I will quote the mighty Tom Araya to clarify my own feelings as of late: "I reject this fuckin' race...I despise this fuckin' place..."

    Slayer - Disciple - God Hates Us All

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