Welcome to the secession a go-go

Is it all really real? Are there really thirty-two (32) states that want to secede from the Union? Did I know I could laugh so hard at the ignorance of some people? It’s like a horrible case of déjà vu. This happened long ago and everyone knows it. What sort of different outcome do these people expect?

The bloodshed of the civil war is still an unparalleled tragedy for the United States of America. Brother killing brother. We have so much trouble being one people. And this is the case in other countries as well. We’re on the brink of becoming like Syria or Eastern Europe in the Nineties. I have trouble believing that anyone in their heart of hearts cries out for secession or civil war.

They want to be noticed. A lot of southerners (and this is coming from one who lived ten years in the south) just don’t want a (N-BOMB!) in the White House. This is ugly; uglier than a six-hundred pound throbbing tumor, but it is a fact. Our country has not grown beyond racism. Whites are still racist. Blacks are still racist. Browns are just trying to fit in and remain shielded under the outstretched wing of freedom. When they set up stakes they become racist. Racism is a very American point of view.

We the People, a website dedicated to lawful petitions against the government, has drawn 24, 598 signatures for secession thus far. These numbers are not exactly staggering, and their goal is set only for the quaint number of 25,000 signatures by December 10th, 2012. The goal is…what, exactly? What is the goal? If the numbers are set at 25,000 it is not much of a push. A tickle, at best. Are these folks planning to buy an island?

I lived in Georgia for awhile and I’ve got to say, none of this shocks me. It is only fitting that the people of Georgia, with their Deliverance mentality, would want to separate from the Union rather than tolerate a (N-BOMB!) in the White House. That is the way they think and it is not a stereotype but a verifiable fact. Don’t believe me? Spend a year there. Come back and tell me what you think.

What about the other states? What do their numbers look like?

NEW MEXICO: 438. Bleh.

MINNESOTA: 1,007. A little more momentum
there. Oh yah.


ILLINOIS (really?): 1,820

UTAH: 3, 419. My shock is only due to the fact that there are not more signatures from the Mormon state.

And from the “Republic” of OHIO: 4, 587

I will not bore you with a bunch of numbers. The mean amount of signatures in the states that are petitioning is around 1,000. These are not staggering. In social media, however, there is a lot of hype. I have even found a few people who are prepared to run for office if secession takes place. Are Americans honestly enamored with this idea?

If so, what are the reasons? One may be the ‘fiscal cliff’. Democrats have presented the idea of allowing the economy to drive itself off the edge of this canyon in order to give their party more bargaining leverage. That’s a little like setting yourself on fire to see if you’ll burn. However, the Republicans refuse to end the fight and come to a compromise regarding taxes on the rich.

The Plutocrats who fund the GOP have weights on all of the club’s pertinent pressure points, the most sensitive of which is funding. No one wants to lose money, and the GOP knows it will if these tax increases on the rich proposed by President Obama go through. Once again, the Republicans refuse to budge when someone starts fucking with their money. I cannot say that they are individually shameful for taking this stance, but as politicians who are supposed to put the good of the country above their own personal gain, they are bastards who should be flogged until their ribs show like glistening rods of ivory escaping a prison of sensitive skin.

The argument is that Republicans want tax cuts for everyone. I smell bullshit. Never in reading history or in living life experience have I encountered a Republican that had any interest at all in meeting the needs of the Many. They are walking Dollar Signs. But the Democrats are taking one hell of a dice roll by proposing we risk depression in order to show Republicans that they need to wake the fuck up. Some Democrats realize this. We will all have to wait and see how things play out.

I can see why people are terrified enough to petition for a secession. The spin is that these petitions are merely symbolic, but if they gain enough momentum they are going to become very valid and very pressing. Many folks are ready to say “fuck the government!” and maybe they should be. The government has let us down for the past twelve years.

No level-headed person is willing to allow that having states split from the Union is a good idea. It is piss-poor. The odds of a gruesome war resulting are fantastic; I would put every dollar I have on one starting if states somehow manage to divide from the fold. People are celebrating this notion as I write. Surely they are of the wingnut persuasion, but as I told my wife earlier, if you get enough wingnuts together in the same place one of them is going to stand up on a soapbox and begin a political party.

A question about the division proposed in print: “But is all of this an every-four-year phenomenon that goes away when the yard signs come down and the Facebook tirades finally end, or at least subside? Can we do as our leaders do? Debate with fingers thrust in each other's faces, tearing one another apart, and then shake hands, return to our corners and somehow attempt to live and work together once more?” (Associated Press)

This reminds me of a great number of the physical altercations in which I have been involved. There is a heated punch-up and generally blood is spilled but we shake hands afterward and have a drink together. Take that for what it is worth.

There is much babble about the USA having turned into a communist country. Immigrants who traveled here from communist countries are quick to correct those who would present this viewpoint and opine that Americans know nothing of communism because Americans have never experienced communism. J. Edgar Hoover loved the idea of American communists - he made a career, nay, an establishment out of it - but the fact is we have yet to see a Stalin running the country.

I don’t see anything in the respectable (to me) news about secession but the petitions are more than likely very real. Who is surprised? In the election, the country was almost bisected. For those who spend time in deep thought regarding politics, dinner is served.

If you are curious about the numbers you can view them here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/peacefully-grant-state-georgia-withdraw-united-states-america-and-create-its-own-new-government/pgJ9JLY3

I’ll say this in closing: Americans, pull your heads out of your asses. Secession is a stupid fucking idea and these petitions remind me of petulant pulings from impudent children. You know who whines? Babies. Ye gods. Work together. Let’s see a little unity from the country that touts itself as the greatest in the world.

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