Tribes of the Moon yap in Chicago: No bombs yet

Protestors are lining the streets of Chicago in an attempt to have their voices heard negating U.S. allegiance with Israel in regard to the attacks on the Gaza Strip. The pictures show a story of Palestinian born Americans and immigrants wide-mouthed with indignant anger at children killed by Israel’s missile attacks. They raise their fists in anger and wave the obligatory Death-To-The-Defiler signs. Could this mean Chicago will have to be vigilant against a Hamas-driven terrorist attack in the city?

Let’s rewind a little before going there. The protestors’ point of contention is that the U.S. stands by Israel no matter what the Israelis do, and now the Israelis have bombed (accidentally) Palestinian children. The U.S. has said that its position with Israel is rock solid. These protestors are not going to get what they want. Will they lay down in traffic like the Occupy dorks, or just go home?

Or will they start throwing bricks and stones and firing AK-47’s bought from the Gangstas selling guns a few blocks down the road from the site of the march? How long until these people start blowing shit up? Middle Eastern protestors have a history of blowing shit up when they don’t get their way. It’s not PC to say this, but in the face of the facts, I don’t give a shit about PC. Middle Eastern protestors, like angry IRA, love to blow shit up.

I could run down a list of charnel chaos these lunatics have caused with their T-Shirt bombs, but do I really have to? Do you not know? Call me a dick, that’s fine. It is dickish to point out this particular fact because this fact pisses off an entire demographic of Middle Eastern-descent Americans, not all of them immigrants, but even they are going to have to buckle and bend a bit and realize the truth.
The cry ‘Allah Akbar!’ tends to be followed by an explosion, if not right away, shortly thereafter, in following days and weeks. Granted, these people are not – yet – crying out for Jihad but I believe it is only a matter of time until they do. Why? Because they’re taking the wrong fucking side and that is suspect. Israel didn’t start this mess. Hamas did.

And where is Hamas? Well, they govern the Gaza Strip with militant Islamic idealism. The region is terrorist-friendly. Israel is not friendly to terrorists, especially not terrorists who fire potshots at their borders. And Hamas is a terrorist organization. Make no mistake.

The fact that the Israelis are stepping up and taking action against the attack is akin to what we would do; the only difference is that if any other country stepped up to tell the U.S. to consider peace with a terrorist group that killed U.S. citizens instead of war, we’d tell them to go fuck themselves and stay out of it. We’re good like that.

Something the protestors may have missed as they were busy making their Snark and Rage signs:

“Masked gunmen publicly shot dead six suspected collaborators with Israel at a large Gaza City intersection Tuesday, witnesses said. An Associated Press reporter saw a mob surrounding five of the bloodied corpses shortly after the killing.

“Some in the crowd stomped and spit on the bodies. A sixth corpse was tied to a motorcycle and dragged through the streets as people screamed, "Spy! Spy!"” (AP)

I guess it is OK to behave that way, but shooting missiles and accidentally killing children – what the Wehrmachters call ‘Collateral Damage’ – is horrible. The better thing to do is to grab some poor bastard off the street, scream at him that you suspect him of collaborating with the enemy, shoot him ten or twelve times, and tie him to the back of a rice-burner and speed off down the roads of the neighborhood while children smile and dance with glee. That’s the kind of world I want to live in.

These impudent dingbats may want to consider that the U.S. has buttered their bread by allowing them to set up stakes in our country – when they left the Gaza Strip and its Islamic government they did by proxy swear fealty to our Nation – and if they don’t like it they can take their happy asses back home and hopefully be killed by Hamas for betraying Allah. What the hell did you come here for in the first place if you hate America so much? In living here, they are spoiled with privileges and act accordingly, as they did today.

It is wrong to kill children. Hands down. Israel ought to watch where they aim their goddamn weapons. An apology and a lot of restoration funds are definitely in order. As for how this whole mess started, however, perhaps the Palestinians would do well to remember this great truism: don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’. Hamas started this brouhaha and now all are paying for it. If the peaceful people of the Gaza Strip want to despise, they ought to despise Hamas for bringing this consequence down upon their heads. Another thing which may be in order is a Palestinian revolution against Hamas. I suppose that never occurred to the protestors.

The protestors have not yet graduated to holding signs of Great-Satan status, and perhaps the ones who interfered with rush hour traffic today in Chicago never will. But they have set a precedent for the Great-Sataners to come out of the woodwork and take to the streets, and with the prosaic and limp, “just ignore it and it’ll go away” attitude the American public has toward protestors (one that is time-tested as ignorant, especially in Chicago), extremists of that detestable sort are sure to surface and nest like cockroaches. It is that sort which will buy guns and manufacture explosives. If you see them on the streets, consider not eating at any sidewalk café. It may soon be ash.

For these aren’t a bunch of over-privileged suburban white kids with bullhorns and bongo-drums. J.P. Fatback Jr. is angry that daddy pulled his college check because Junior got caught drinking in the Quad. Islamic Palestinians feel they have a real cause created by blood; if and when this ball builds up good downward force it is going to crush a lot of heads. I imagine there will be blood on the ground.

I’m not sure why America has given these types of people so much latitude and aid in the first place. I don’t help people that hate me. And I damn sure wouldn’t let them bully me into helping them. And if one of them ended up living in my house, they’d better change their tune posthaste or they would wind up sucking dick for change on Lower Wacker. Perhaps America needs to take a similar stance. I’m sick of America being so altruistic toward a group of wingnuts who believe they’ll go to Heaven for suicide bombing my house.

There are a great deal of fluff quotes I see in the newspaper from peaceful Muslims that just need help and understanding and want democracy. Where the fuck are they? That damn sure isn’t what I see on the news feeds. I see hate upon hate upon hate. Is that a spin? Something tells me that it is not. It’s hard to argue with video that has no Hollywood tags on it. Fact is, I thought they were just all here already, because here is the only place I have seen them. Perhaps I was mistaken. Perhaps they are a fable.

Israel has tested the waters of war, and found them boiling with blood, as those waters always do. Now, the crackpots have taken to the streets of Chicago in a disrespectful blabbering against Israel and the American allegiance with Israel. Many believe there will be another terrorist attack in America. I have a feeling I know where and why it will come. I hope I’m wrong.


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  • I don't think the protests will lead to anything. They're mostly for show. Everyone who protests in Chicago knows the number one rule: DO NOT FUCK WITH THE CHICAGO PD. Those guys are hard bastards, and they're looking for an excuse to act like they did during the '68 convention. As the occasional news story will tell you, things have not changed for the CPD. If one guy so much as farts in the wrong direction, heads will be stomped.

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    In reply to Tusitala:

    True. I trust them to bust the heads when the heads need to be busted. Of course that will lead to more anger from the Great Sataners...and that could get ugly. Still..sure, probably nothing will come of anything. That's the popular thinking.

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