The rippling waters of war

Is Israel testing the waters for war?

The official report says no.

Sudanese and Iranian officials say witnesses saw four Israeli planes come in from the east at night and bombed the Yarmouk factory just south of the capital of Khartoum. Israel isn’t making any official statements about the attacks thus far. Everyone has heard the statements of both US and Israeli officials claiming that “no option is off the table” regarding stopping nuclear Iran from becoming a reality.

The stance that the alleged attack is not a motion to war is supported by the fact that Sudan does not have much of a military, where Iran does. A night strike on Iran would not prove quite so easy or fruitful for Israel. And four planes would not do the trick. Israel would have to attack Iran the way Americans attack the enemy; fast, poignant, and enveloping a wide area covering multiple targets detrimental to an Israeli win. They would have to come in like a gang of outlaws pulling an armored car heist. It would be ugly, and not as clean as this probable attack on Sudan.

While this is true, it still does not follow that Israel did not make the assault. If they did not, why are they so quiet about it? Would they not rather quell the accusation that they are the culprits? If they did do it, no one (save the enemy) can blame them. A nuclear Iran is a terrifying prospect, given their extreme attitudes and their president’s statement that he is the 12th Imam meant to bring about the end of days.

Still, such an overt fist to the face with the prospect of peace talks and compromises perhaps being made after the countries know which American World Police president they will be dealing with – the more rational Obama or the hotheaded, no-nonsense Romney – does not seem like the type of behavior one expects from Israel, Samson Option or no.

Col. Steve Ganyard (Marines, Ret.) contends that “if Israel took anything but a route over the Red Sea to Iran, they would have to fly over several countries with far more sophisticated air defense capabilities. The element of surprise would be much harder to maintain.” He also calls the attack on the Sudan “JV at best” where an attack on Iran would constitute an upper-class game. This is another great argument, but still there is the unanswered question of why Israel isn’t talking.

Sudan is claiming that Israel is the only enemy they have. That’s a pretty big finger to point. The claim has substance, considering that Sudan is a sort of way station for the Hamas and Iran wehrmacht. It makes perfect sense that Israel – and America – would want to nip this area in the bud.

Of course, that is no perfect argument for blaming Israel, never mind the fact that the Israelis must know America is not going to look askance, except maybe publicly, if Israel is responsible.

Amos Gilead, top aide to Israel’s defense minister, did have this to say about the attack: “Sudan is a dangerous terrorist state. To know exactly what happened, it will take time to understand.” (Associated Press)

Inevitably, out come the protestors. Wednesday they came, with their death-to-the-defiler signs and angry words and shaking fists. So far, nobody has bombed anything. No Molotov cocktails or pipe bombs, no half-clever wingnut with an Anarchist’s Cookbook (or its overseas equivalent) is rallying a crowd of enraged demonstrators to take the extra step and put their blood on the line for Allah and Country.

Perhaps it will stay this way, developing into a semi-passive Iranian and Sudanese version of Occupy. It would be interesting to see what mask Iranian trolls use. I doubt it would be the “V for Vendetta” one we see with the protestors here. We know, however, that the Islamic protests tend to turn ultra-violent, so it may only be a matter of time before more blood is spilled on account of this latest development.

Israel will most likely say nothing regarding any responsibility for this attack until the weeks after the American presidential election, and they will more than likely never take responsibility for it at all. Unfortunately, Iran and Sudan are not going to see things that way.

Sudan has already said, surely with Iran’s backing, that it will only be a question of time and place before they strike back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this may well be the march to War, and if so, it’s going to be the big one, the World War Three all of the children of the eighties were taught to fear by their parents, parents who were taught to fear and prepare for nuclear weapons attacks by drills instructing them hiding under their flimsy, wooden desks.

Once the Christians get word of this, they will surely have the end placed in the hands and mouth of Jesus at his Second Coming on the battlefield of Har-Mageddon. I hope for a babbling brook of interesting religious rhetoric, which is always good for a laugh. And laughs are necessary right now, with the feeling of doom running high.

If you want to pray, pray that no matter what happens, the war does not go nuclear. There is a good chance it will not, since war is controlled by politicians and big business interests. Surely the Iranians have business interests they would like to see extend to America, where the big money is. This is a purely red-blooded American idea, and to be frank, it works out better for the world in general if it is true. The only group of people a nuclear war would benefit are suicide bombers who believe death is the bridge to Heaven.

Ye gods, no one is using nukes anymore. Why build the devilish instruments? Just because? I think not. The arms race is old hat. If Iran is building nukes in the Sudan, or anywhere, then yes, good, blast them. Burn them to the ground.

On a level-headed plane I really hate to say this, but there is absolutely no need to build nuclear weapons anymore. If Iran is building nukes, it stands to reason that Iran intends to use them.

So buy your helmets, stock up on lead vests and canned goods, keep close to your desk and pay attention to the world, folks. Look to your gods, if that’s your thing. The smart money is on this: if the storms don’t get us, the war will. No one is going to be unaffected by this rising crimson tide.

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