"Fiscal" Cliff and the Great Divide

John Boehner: “No substantive progress has been made between the White House and the House in the two weeks since Obama welcomed congressional leaders at the White House.” (AP)

Of course not.

Is Obama as naïve as the republicans think he is, or are they just sour about their pals having to shell out some more dollars? 1.6 trillion dollars, that is. When spread out among them the tally per fatback ought to be a drop in the bucket apiece. I’m not sure what the problem is. How much money do you need? Is it patriotic to hoard treasure in avarice rather than step forward and ante up for your country? I think not. If these greedy bastards can’t muster the sack to do that without complaint maybe they are the ones that should leave the goddamn country. They’ve certainly bitched enough about doing so.

The secession: whose idea do you think that is? The impoverished proletariat? Who signs these petitions? I’ve mentioned the rhetoric I see on social media every day. Speaking for the people I know (sorry to say) they don’t have the presence of mind to dream up such a grand design. But they damn sure listen to the trickle-down babble coming from the Red Rich – wealthy republican propagandists who, with social media and television, spin the dingbats’ meager brains with talk of election gifting and how horrible that is (don’t buy votes with free phones and the like, buy them with promises of new laws that help Cronies and fuck Joe Public – that’s the approved way to swing the vote!) and the useless plankton on welfare and all those damn Bettys wanting control over their own bodies. The only answer is to leave the Union.

But lately, they’ve found a new focus - yarking about the ‘fiscal cliff’. Evidently, this possible economic disaster is also the fault of the E-Vile, Pro-Lazy, Anti-Jesus OBAMA, just like black plague and pellagra and the flying spaghetti monster. Enjoy this conversation from two misguided lunatics:

Nut 1: “Ahh, the "fiscal cliff" is coming up boys and girls! You only have yourselves, George J.R. and Barack Obama to blame. Can you say, New Great Depression?”

Nut 2: “And cutting labor and hours to avoid the stipulations of Obama care. It's gonna hurt us more than help. Lol "I WANT BACK IN THE MATRIX"

Nut 1: “No shit right? He's giving away too much money to these parasites that don't wanna work! I can understand a helping hand every now and again. But, these fucks that do it for a career should be put to death! I have a shitty job. I feel like walking out everyday. But, I carry on! That's why I'm a Republican. No one should get a free ride! The only people that should be entitled to a free ride is the disabled or old folks who've worked all their lives to feed the machine!”

“I agree,” begins the reply from Nut 2, but I’m not going to post the rest because I think the point is clear. Your Average Redneck seems to think that the cliff is all about welfare for some reason. True, Obama has said that a portion of the funds will go to welfare but what boggles my mind is that Americans are so angry about this. You don’t see people in England chopping each other’s heads off over who is on the Dole and who is not. It’s appalling that this nation is so selfish and greedy.

The fiscal cliff is, to me, the biggest example of spoiled-brat politics in the history of our nation. I wish duels were still legal. They would be faster, and more fun. If the republican wins, the money will be hoarded in the treasury. If the democrat wins, gold will pepper the streets as it rains down from on high thrown by smiling liberals in the sky. Or something along those lines.

While these waterheads box back and forth, we the people end up burning for it. They are going to bicker right up until the end, jabbering straight up to the grave and at the cemetery’s edge they will decide how to finally get along. I get the idea that this is a push for press and for fame.
Politicians are notorious for using ugly methods to carve their place in history, and this fiscal cliff is going to be remembered for a long time. Meanwhile, the burghers will scream at one another and pretend to be pundits and further stretch the divide between folks who think red and folks who think blue. The damage is already done.

And people wonder why I get so upset. They tell me that politics is not worth paying attention to, that it is boring and they do not see how politics affects their lives. Little do they know that these suits spin the world on their fingertips. Under them the regular people either flourish or flounder. And it is brilliant. There’s nothing quite like watching people being manipulated, because they never realize it until later and when they do, they wonder how it happened. I get the feeling the pols want this divide among the people. Divide and conquer, right? A confused, bickering mass is easier to control.

After the pain comes the pacifier and after the pacifier comes the gratitude. As with anything, we shall see.


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  • When I imagine these scumbag whiners going off their so-called fiscal cliff, I see it like something out of Toonces the Driving Cat. http://www.writersownwords.com/photos/4/4779NIL.jpg

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    That's hilarious. I see what you mean.

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