Election 2012: The lesser evils have it

I do not like Obama and I have made that clear, but I am glad he has taken the popular vote over Mitt Romney. A strong and diplomatic foreign policy is vital to our safety as a society, and Romney’s desire to start a fight on day one most definitely did not suit my palate. Now, the fur will fly and the crazies will come out of the woodwork to cry havoc and make death-to-the-defiler signs. I can’t wait.

I just heard an argument on C-Span from a caller who said the government should not be allowed to tell her what to do with her money. I’ve got news for her. They have been doing exactly that for a very, very long time. Welfare has been around for quite awhile and taxes have been around much longer. Just because she only found about it a few years ago does not mean it was not there. I cannot wait to see what sort of topsy-turvy rhetoric and shenanigans come about due to this election.

Most people who voted more than likely don’t even know what the hell they were voting for when they selected a candidate this evening. If many of the callers on C-Span can be considered a decent reflection of the opinions of the nation I know this is true. And people wonder why there’s never any real change in this country.

People absorb the rhetoric and the opinions stated in talks at the water-cooler or in the lunch room, but they have no clue as to what Obama and Romney really have in mind for this country.
They know memes and posts and bumper stickers and the blathering of the burghers, most of which has nothing to do with the facts but they pay no attention to what C-Span and the associated press have to offer, because they don’t care about the facts. They instead say this:

“Welfare is evil!”

“The middle class is doomed!”

“It’s the death of freedom!”

“God lost today.”

“Obama did in four years what the Soviets couldn’t do in fifty!” (a personal favorite)

My guts convulse with gales of laughter.

A final argument about having decided not to vote: before you tell me I have no right to gripe, consider that I spend most of my free time watching C-Span. This is on a regular basis. I doubt the average person does that. I’m stuck on politics even though I don’t believe my vote counts.

I know how the Electoral College works and what it does. I know that my vote is either counted or thrown away at the whim of some faceless, golem-like 'electoral'.

If you are an independent (I’m hearing this from callers too) and you voted for either Romney or Obama, why? That would make me feel more ashamed of myself than anyone could even try to make me feel for not voting at all.

I wonder if people want change or if they just want drama. And it’s really late. This mess will be over until morning, so I’m out of here. For good or for ill, I believe that the Lesser Evils have it, and I can live with that. Maybe next time around We the People won’t stand for such disenchantment.


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  • I voted for Cthulhu. As a great man once said, why vote for the LESSER evil? Cthuhlu saves, in case he gets hungry later.

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    In reply to Tusitala:

    If you check my Facebook page you'll see that I am a supporter of the Cthulhu campaign, mainly because most pols may as well be Cthulhu.

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