Choice: In all things, it is yours alone

I can feel the sickness begin to abate, the tight pressure of the spot coming to cream and ready to be nudged to bursting. Within the next day, fortnight, or at latest month we will all know beyond a shadow of a doubt who is going to be our next Commander In Chief. As is normal with the finish of any fight, the heat is peaking to immolation temperature, and soon we will all come out absolved and clean if only for a short while.

I just wrote this to one of my best friends. We’ll call him D. D. is a young man full of vitriol but level-headed when the chips are down and usually not given over to rhetoric or trolls. But this election season I have seen him sucked into the factless hoopla that has enveloped this year’s campaign trail. D., and many others have been veritably (and maybe literally) foaming at the mouth for the past year, crying for the head of Barack Obama. When Romney came on the scene, he and these others felt as though they had found a savior.

I’m still not sure why. Although the following comment is meant as a personal reply to D, it reflects my opinion so succinctly that I decided to publish it for all to see.

“I will never, ever be able to believe how much you love the Mormon Warmonger. The guy who wants to fly in with his d**k in his hand and piss everyone off on day one. Remember Katt Williams’ comment: "You can't just run up into the club and say 'f*** everybody in the club'...well you can, but you ain't gonna get out the club once you do." That's what Romney intends to do. If he's going to lose it's because people A) don't feel like being blown up, in which case none of the s**t we all think is so important will matter, and B) Romney is NOT clear on his policies and plans.

You can't be in a professional debate and tell people to quote: "Check my website." That s**t doesn't work. Romney is a waffler and a fool. As for Obama, though suck he does, I have to say I've never seen so many people who I know have jobs bitch about how hard it is to get a job in America. You guys have all been caught up in rhetoric and hype and it makes me sad. I haven't heard any facts at all. I'll be glad when this s**t is over.”

We have all been around the block a thousand times with these two candidates. Is there anyone out there whose head is not roiling with the blather of both men? If you do not feel punch-drunk I applaud you for your amazing constitution – unless, that is, you’re getting paid to pay attention. Money would make the way I feel right now worth feeling.

In this election season, I have wanted to punch friends, swill whiskey and beer by the gallon, reach through the television and strangle Todd Akin, leave America, fall in love with America all over again, kick the television, shoot the television; set fire to the newspaper while taping clippings up all over the walls of my bedroom like a schizophrenic, and quit paying attention to politics altogether, after which I would experience the cold burn withdrawal symptoms associated with gods, I’ve gone mad.

I remember the glory days of the W regime. Remember those and how much fun they were? We all talked trash about the cowboy. People were not so perfectly divided. Most of us knew he was a total lunatic, a pseudo-dictator with a hard-on for the uber rich and practitioner of crony capitalism. When he stole the second election (hanging chads!) from Al Gore – though this may have been a blessing in disguise – we all knew he stole it. Point being, he was clearly a bastard and folks were together on that.

Today, I view that era as a high-water mark. Back then I thought it was The Horror and that we were all living in a politely fascist nation, but now I see that at least people once were not so ready to burn each other at the stake for some guy in a suit. For the guy who gets to tell you how you have to live. Even if he is the guy that is slated to protect us from those who would destroy us.

I just came back from the bar where my wife works. I got into a conversation with a guy who is angry because the machine parts he hauls are used to build vehicles meant to do a job but instead collect dust in some desolate parking lot. It almost sounds as though this man is a victim of one of Roosevelt’s make-work plans.

Men like him may well be casualties of progress, with the new focus on technology and green power. I doubt that any captain of industry would cry for him. As a person, I do feel for him.
As one who would like to see different forms of energy taking the forefront against the war-causing, smokestack-and-oil forms I have no pity.

In the end, it boils down to this: if you think Romney, who balks at explaining his plans until “after the election” will be good for America, who refuses to be specific until he has the definite win, who would tell you that his eyes are pink if he thought it would garner your vote, make sure you give him what he wants.
If you think Obama, who has done little either due to endless republican filibustering or simple naiveté, who thinks that if you’ve built a business, “you didn’t build that”, who wants to talk and talk to Iran in order to keep war at bay so we can continue thinking that all of these toys and greenbacks we amass actually mean something in the face of missiles, give him what he wants.

But, as a man I respect above just about everyone once said, “Don’t blame me. I voted for Howard the Duck.” Tomorrow, that is essentially what I will do when I vote for Gary Johnson. I will do this because I like his ideas, and after having my head shoved up both Romney and Obama’s back passages so deep I feel I can see through their eyes for the past year, I find him more likely to balance the budget with his plan to legalize and tax marijuana as we already tax alcohol and cigarettes. But I know he will not win. I just don’t care. I have to look myself in the mirror every morning. I have to look into my own eyes, not into those of a political candidate.

And I implore you: if you feel the way I do and don’t like either of these guys, have the guts to cast your vote for someone other than the two limp noodles the media has glorified. Perhaps if enough people do that, the status quo can change. Perhaps then, the media will have to take notice that only pimping the two parties’ candidates will no longer make the grade and fairer and more balanced coverage will, in upcoming years, be made available to the people.

You want change? Make it. You can.


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  • It's funny how the audience has completely changed, yet the show remains the very same as it always has been. No one notices this.

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    In reply to Tusitala:

    The show will always be the same. I just wonder when people will start tearing each other apart on account of it.

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