As yappers flap, brains shrink

After the political pillow fight, the feathers are flying with the public pillow fight. Dander and other resultant odd particulate matter pollute the air. The Snark and Rage falls to the floor and becomes an ugly mess of fluffy muck. No one can walk in this swamp, but they sure can talk.

A personal favorite from Facebook: “Obama is the anti-christ and now since America has put him in B (sic) ready for Dec. 21st, 2012! (!x8) Read your Bibles ppl (sic) it says it in there! (!x3) Don’t hate on my thoughts and beliefs! U have UR own ( gods) and I have mine don’t B (sic...I think you get it by now) mad B/C my thoughts and beliefs are that Obama will kill us all!! He is a Muslim and a non-citizen how can we be soooo dumb I thought Americans cared about tha country! We see now ppl only care about getting things for free and not working!! If Romney would have won we could have gotten gas down food down debt down and so much more!! I can not stand America and hopes someone deals w/our problem on Capitol Hill!!!”

Holy shit! Seriously? How many people (or “ppl”, if you prefer) think like this lady? I’m glad this was on Facebook. Being that Facebook is a public page, I can share wonderful rhetoric and sentiments such as this with you fine people.

It disgusts me that the collective IQ of America has sunk so low. I see junk like this on Facebook all the time, and also on Twitter. Most of it is followed by posts of “articles” that take me to either the blog of a troll or, most recently, to the Examiner. I am never led to CNN, the Associated Press, or any news feeds of that caliber.

There are some fifty million Americans out there right now drooling foam and spraying white gobs of saliva and froth to and fro as they shake their heads in disbelief at their loss. All of them say the same things; things like the above post. Do they think they’re doing some good? Do they not realize that this crap may show up in a blog like mine?

I love doing this. Let’s see what else I can find.

The dubious article from the Examiner regarding HCR 107, which was a bill proposed in March to impeach President Obama for “high crimes and misdemeanors”, has apparently been “thrust into the spotlight” now that the rabid are rallying together to toss out the POTUS.

North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones thanked radio host Alex Jones (oh boy) for the opportunity to “speak to the perfect audience” in order to gain momentum for this bill. According to the article, the bill has multiple co-sponsors.

So what’s it all about? And what sort of reaction has it spawned on Facebook?

The bill claims that the President, in his actions regarding Libya and the capture of Gaddafi, went one step too far and violated the Constitution with an act of war that was supported only by the UN. Also,
Congressman Jones has accused Obama of violating the Trading with the Enemy Act, claiming Obama funded Al-Qaeda in Libya with money, weapons, and training. The President allegedly intends to use this terrorist group to push his overseas wehrmacht.

OK. I have heard of the President discussing the training of Syrian rebels, some of whom are tied to Al-Qaeda, and that is a horrible idea. But I have heard not one fact that the Big Cheese intends to fund fucking Al-Qaeda. Not directly, not poignantly. Perhaps by proxy. And he needs to think hard about that before moving forward, if he is capable of thought at the moment.

Especially with the “fiscal cliff” (a phrase which one friend of mine threatened to assault anyone for using) and the other pile of garbage he currently has stinking up his throne room. But let us get back to the point.
Let’s see what the people have to say about HCR 107:

“Is this real?”

“Yessir, it’s HCR 107.”

“Wait what? Obama declared war on

“This makes me want to punch people in the face. Who’s up?”

Each one of these comments is from a different person.

After reading the article and the comments I came in on this post and did a little foaming at the mouth of my own, being of the opinion that this was probably either troll-fashioned or just Republican misinformation, both things at which I am wholly sickened. After asking respected members of the fine ChicagoNow community what they thought, I found that my instincts were good.

Again, I want to leave the quotes anonymous but if you’re curious as to who said what, the quotes are easy enough to find. You know where to go. And if I am overstepping my bounds, I will take the slap to the face on both sides because it is worth it to me to show some intelligence sailing and racing against the rocking ship of fools. I want it made clear that there is nothing trollish in leaving the quotes anonymous, only perhaps some audacity in posting them at all. But I love what I heard in response to my question as to whether HCR 107 was a real thing.

Acumen: “That bill was introduced in March 2012 and pertains to actions in Libya if I am not mistaken. Any act of war must be approved by Congress which it clearly wasn't. Technically a president can be impeached but I doubt this goes anywhere as the justification for our involvement stems from NATO activities and request for assistance.”

A real gem: “The only ones talking about waging war were the tea party and the ultra conservative republicans, then Mittwit touched on it during the republican debates (Iran and Libya)! President Obama never mentioned war with these countries.”

When I read that I said to myself “That’s what I thought.”

I wish people would stick to information from the public service news like C-Span and The Associated Press. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it as long as I have to in order to get people’s heads out of their rectums. I see no agenda in either of those feeds, C-Span mainly because there are no commercials on C-Span, and therefore, no agenda. Many journalists whom, if they’re to be respected, cannot report wingnut-style opinions (or opinions at all, is how it should be), get information from the AP wire, if they aren’t personally where the action is.

To these people who want to rant and rave about how wicked and evil Obama is, how he is anathema to this country, but do not think Mitt Romney would have been any better for us, why not, instead of grousing about “Osama” and “Obamunism”, instead do what you can to get your candidate in the media? Or post some clever pictures about why the country should do away with the Electoral College? I do. It beats the hell out of going around in circles and spouting nonsense like a schizophrenic blood fountain.

My sister summed up some of the Romnuts and the idiocy of their argument in this post: "Oh God... there has to be something more interesting to talk about than who's going to be our president. You know, regardless as to who our president has been, for years "our tax dollars" have been paying for child molesters, rapists, and murderers to have a roof over their head, 3 hots and a cot, and fucking rights in prison, OK, or they get out of jail and stalk and beat their girlfriends and kids to death, rape and kill little children all over again and that’s OK. You sure didn't see anybody post that crap on their page, but get on a bitch about welfare or food stamps, and it’s a fricking Facebook lynching. That is why I say to the ranting, raving, self righteous bitching, Shut the fuck up."

Yeah. My sister is pretty cool. And she’s right. There are a million issues more pressing out there that people continue to ignore because those issues have nothing to do with their personal agenda. I find it sad that people are only selfishly concerned with some guy in a suit who is more than likely going to fuck us over somehow, some way, and one is never really better than the other, when you get down to the brass tacks.

But these dingbats are going to continue flapping their yappers and eject rhetoric bereft of facts. They’re going to keep passing off troll-posts and misinformation as gospel. No one is going to work together. I have absolutely no faith in any American teamwork right now.

In a poll that Jimmy took on Facebook, we were all asked what we thought we would be blogging about four years from now. Better times, worse times, a big hell yeah, or even a Cubs World Series (wouldn’t that kick some ass? They need to exhume that fucking Goat and bring the bones into Wrigley Field). I voted that things would get better, but not because of Obama. Sure, he may improve things, but I, when I voted, was hoping beyond hope that at the very least people would see that a system other than the current two-party institution of bickering is necessary; that as long as Republicans and Democrats continue to filibuster and throw pies at each other nothing is going to be done to improve America or our foreign relations.
Thus, America would stand up and want something else.

It’s still too early in the game to call it, but my projection as of now is grim. If I prayed, I would pray for people to change their attitude and quit crying over lost elections and phony wars. Instead, I can only watch, report, and continue to hope, no matter how much it hurts.


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  • Don't forget the biggest screwball of them all, Chuck Norris. Remember, he said that if Obama got elected, we would suffer through a thousand years of darkness, implying that he believes Obama is not just the anti-Christ, he's the devil himself.

    When I went outside the day after the election, it made me kind of nervous to note that it was a gloomy day. When the second morning refused to show the sun, I got a bit more worried. But it's all good. The sun is back. That was the shortest thousand years of darkness I've ever seen.

    Oh yeah, and I'm glad to finally see some cursing around here. More bloggers should curse.

    Finally, you might get a kick out of this:

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Tusitala:

    The End-Of-The-Worlders are coming out in fine style. Part of me hopes they keep gabbing. These jerkies could put me in business. The other part of me, the one you used to get on to me about (the one that thinks everything is beautiful) needs them to shut up and work together. It's getting stupider out there, and I didn't think that was possible.

  • I mentioned elsewhere (I think it was koolking) that some Dennis Byrne wannabe was complaining Friday in a very loud voice on the cross trainer about what the Dems and Obama were doing to the Catholic Church, including their stand on homosexuality. I asked him "excuse me, but the election is over; take it elsewhere."

    Hence, your headline is a tautology.

    However, I thought that Facebook had eliminated pages under pseudonyms. Thus, it appears that the people whose brains have shrunk have no shame in revealing that.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to jack:

    A tautology, eh? I think it made you jealous.

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