The great debate: You ask your question, I'll answer mine

What the hell did I watch last night? Was that a debate? It seemed more to me like a pillow fight. One done with words rather than fluffy squares, but the feathers were flying nonetheless. Romney rambled, and Obama countered by shoving a broomstick straight up the Walking Suit’s fundament. Four years ago Obama was a good talkin’ wordslinger, and that definitely has not changed. Unfortunately, he did not really say anything worth listening to. And then there was the coordinator, Candy Crowley. Word is she favored Obama. I think she was just doing her level best to get Mitt to exercise a little brevity. The man would not shut up.

There were a few contradictions. Obama said that “Government does not create jobs”, while at the same time trying to convince out-of-work Americans that he, head of said government, would create jobs. He touted free-enterprise and self-reliance as being key to progress, yet he is a champion of Welfare.
I don’t think anyone needs to do any research to understand that. There are more people on things like Food Stamps and Section Eight housing than there were in the nineties. I know this because I was there. I know this because I’ve always been friends with the broke, those many would call the lazy and they’re much better off than they were ten or fifteen years ago.

I also noticed that Obama did not mention the DREAM act when illegal immigration came to the fore. Why not? He pushed it through Congress using his “inherent” power; why not market for it on stage while he was bandying about his other flaccid ideas? Surely he isn’t having second thoughts…

But on to Mr. Gray Wingtips, the Walking Suit. Don’t you love this guy? Don’t you just? Something about his head makes me think of a potato. Did you notice he is not a fan of the Chinese? He’s been browbeating our competitors to the east for a little while now. I wonder if the Chinese really have a phony Apple Computers store in business. Seems to me like we’ve got one of those over here called Cricket, although if you ask the sales reps they’ll tell you that is only hype.

How do we make America more attractive to businesses? In fact, HOW anything? Neither candidate really said “how” they will make anything better. Romney touted his five-point plan, explaining it to a degree, but he didn’t really mention HOW the plan would work. He only said that he knew it would because “I’ve done this before. I did it in Massachusetts…I can do it for America.” He doesn’t seem to understand that having good business credentials does not give a candidate for president the right to be vague when it comes to the steps toward progress.

Both candidates failed when it came to the subject of the attacks in Benghazi. The question as I heard it was “Who denied extra security at the Embassies?” That wasn’t how it showed up in print at the bottom of the screen (that particular inconsistency was a running theme – but I guess this is par for the course in a debate; no one else is bringing it up) but that’s how the gentleman who asked the question worded it. Obama did not answer that question, which I believe stemmed from some of the news that the Administration may have known there was going to be an attack or demonstration on 9/11 of this year. Instead, he skirted it by expounding on how he responded to the attacks.

Problem is that wasn’t the question.

Romney jumped up and used this moment to bitch-slap the president, saying that one day after the attacks, Obama ran off to fundraisers. That’s pretty sick and disgusting to me. “Hey! Americans I consider friends were killed in the streets, raped to death even! I think I’ll go make some money!” It was a deft punch from the Walking Suit, and I had to applaud. Unfortunately he decided to babble and blather afterward, thus losing everyone. Obama’s rebuttal was to wax melancholy, describing his speech from “The Rose Garden”. Did you feel your heart strings pull? If so, he did his job. But he still did not answer the question as it was put to him.

Somehow, the subject of women’s rights was thrown in as an afterthought. Before anyone gets their suspenders all in a bind, I have nothing against women’s rights. I’m just not sure what it is they think they have to worry about. I see women driving nice cars, and hear of them running businesses, and as a writer, I know damn well that they’re selling plenty of books. Look at Stephanie Meyer. I don’t think anyone’s discriminating against her. One caller said “No one is going to overturn Roe vs. Wade, not even Reagan could do that.” The subject seemed like an aside, and if I were a woman I probably would have been a little insulted. But honestly, this isn’t an issue. Women of the nation: you’ve got it. Be strong and don’t complain. These days, you’re collectively running more than many men; in fact you seem to be the top breadwinners. Be cool with that.

In many ways the debate was just short of a fight. I could see Obama wanting to pummel the crap out of Romney, and I don’t think I’d put such actions past the president. Neither would a lot of people. Here is one quote pulled from a friend, Carl Towns of some bluegrass fame:

" "Facts" can be bought. What is the basis of our "facts" about anything going on in the world? Media. With power comes great influence, forget the responsibility, just buy your way through. Scratch this back, contribute to this fund and push your way through. I am not just talking about Obama, but many others who have done such as this. Maybe even Romney, more than likely has bought someone. Obama just happens to be in focus at the moment. And his ties with the mob in Chicago and his rise to power, those are "facts" as well."

I used this quote because I hear a lot of people talking about things of this nature. Some are trolls and some are just folks with no agenda, like Carl. I thought it pertinent because the facts did seem to get lost last night amidst a great deal of question-skirting and re-formatting. The question as it was posed never made it to the bottom board on my television; it became the question either candidate just happened to be answering.
There’s something convoluted about that. And if I am a wingnut (or wing-nut, if you prefer) for feeling this way, so be it.

The debate did not impress me, but I look forward to the next one. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a decision on how to vote by then. One person on Facebook asked “How can anyone still be undecided” and was rather a witch about her wording. To her I would say “A lot of us are still undecided because both of these candidates still look like criminal jackasses.” And they do. I really hope in the next debate that they answer the questions that are put to them rather than the question they feel like answering at the time. Actually, maybe they should just throw on a pair of gloves and box. It would be a hell of a lot more entertaining if they did.


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  • To quote a great man, "Don't blame me. I voted for Howard the Duck."

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    Yeah. I'm voting for him again this year.

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