Get behind the mule

Last night, the tone was somewhat subdued compared to the bombastic tone of the previous round. The candidates sat calmly in chairs, maintaining a wholly different air from the checked-anger demeanor of the previous debate. It made for a lesser show, but the talk, where it was not redundant, was important business. For me this debate gave the best picture of the rivals, or at least their public masks.

My ears first perked when Romney said “we can’t kill our way out of this.” Later, he calls for killing the terrorist leaders responsible for the embassy attacks and other points of violent unrest, saying we are “doing our best to kill them.” Seems like a glaring contradiction, and perhaps a dangerous one, considering he wants to beef up the military. He maintains he has no intentions toward war. I don’t believe him for a few reasons, not the least of which being that Romney must know that the Warmongers are going to come out for him in force at the polls.

One of my favorite Romney moments in the debate was Romney’s declaration that America “didn’t ask” for the responsibility of creating a “peaceful planet.” This is wrong. We most certainly did. We asked for it when we helped save the world from Adolf Hitler and became the World Police: A Global Force for Good. Since WWII, we have been on the stick, ready to flex our muscles at those who would jeopardize our brand of peace. America does not demur to this position. We revel in it.

One of my favorite Obama moments came when he showed his smug side, calling America the “one indispensable nation.” So, we could do away with NATO and the EU? Perhaps he was trying to win points with the flag-suckers. Comments like this are a contributing reason that many other countries view us as conceited cowboys who get off on imposing our ways on the rest of the world. It is bad PR, regardless of the fact that those other countries tend to drink down our culture with the vigor of a thirsty child at a glass of chocolate milk.

Both Obama and Romney want to help Syria, Egypt, and the whole Middle East to take responsibility for establishing their own democracies. In Syria, they want to help the rebels depose Assad so the Syrians can get started. Historically, this doesn’t work. Decades ago we trained a group of rebels to no beneficial end, for them or for us. This idea to assist Syria without establishing respect and power in the Middle East is dubious, at best. What sort of chaos may we create by repeating history in Syria? The next administration should tread lightly, and wisely.

Watching as Obama drove an icy claw of perineum-clenching fear through Romney’s heart when he used poignant attacks to make it clear that poor ole Mitt was out of his depth was nothing short of hilarious, even for one who went into this election really wanting to like Mr. Romney. The governor, for only a moment, wanted to flee. It was grand.

Romney is a businessman who has no idea how to run a country where Obama is a countryman with no idea how to run a business. Apart, these men can do no good. Together, they may be able to move mountains. This concept is horrifying to many Americans in these days of extreme polarization. The facetious part of me has been waiting for a second civil war to break out, and if you listen to the more colorful members of Facebook, the people are hot for one. But no worries. That will never happen.

Unfortunately, neither will progress if folks cannot learn to stop bitching at one another and work together. We are a torn nation right now, out of work and on the skids. This is a weak America, and I have no faith that either of the parties can fix the mess alone.

Obama ignores the fact that the world is currently turned on its ear. In wanting Israel to take responsibility for its own security he forgets the traditional American view that Israel is like our child. We saved her from Hitler, helped her become a nation, and currently help keep the psychotic, hateful countries which surround Israel at bay. We cannot just tell the Israelis, “Sorry, tough titty. Figure it out.” That will not do the trick. We cannot, in good conscience, just leave them to their own devices.

Romney’s idea (not just for America, but for the world, and the Middle East in particular) may very well be to create jobs in the military and the Middle East. His talk about expansion – his clear talk, not the “check my website” waffling – pertained to Egypt, Syria, and the military. What, if anything, will that do to help regular American citizens?

Images of BUY WAR BONDS posters dance in my head. These expansions will do little, if anything, to help the unemployed over thirty-five demographic get jobs, unless they want to move to the Middle East and North Africa. I have to say Obama nailed Romney on this one by touting the ideas to get back into college and learn technology or health care. Romney does not show much concern for the average American citizen.

What is a citizen to do under the weight of the republican stance that the only way the two parties can set aside their differences and work together is under a Romney administration? That makes the party look and sound like spoiled brats.

Frankly, I do not want the better part of these new republicans anywhere near the White House. First off, Romney’s idea to spit in China’s face on day one is idiotic. When I want to make a friend, I don’t go up to the person and say “Hey, you suck! Let’s be bros!” If I did, chances are a fight would break out, and governments are no different. They are not immune to pride no matter how they strive to make the regular Joe believe this.

Also, another horror; Romney’s constituency in the senate is full of religious zealots foaming at the mouth like rabid pit bulls with their backwards views on abortion, pregnancy and rape, and women in general. Their “I’m just being honest” argument does not make the grade. Being honest in your clear psychosis does not lend you efficacy or trustworthiness, and these nutjobs have absolutely no place in politics.

Is the choice clear? For many, the answer is still no. Many hold out the hope for an independent to somehow rally and win the election. This is a naïve hope, and the numbers agree. Here in Illinois, the best an independent has done in recent years is 1.6% of the vote. I wager that in other states, the numbers are not a lot different. There is a good argument that the best course for America is to get behind the Mule and ask the republicans to stop their eternal filibustering against anything the President tries to accomplish.

If the people honestly want an independent on the whole, not just in small clusters throughout the nation, they have to speak up. Maybe even scream. At the same time, they have to do their best not to sound guanopsychotic. This is not always an easy task, especially when the pols actions drive you to shoot bat feces from your ears and have to shadow box for two hours just to calm your nerves. Or maybe that is just me. I doubt it. We the People are going Mad….

People say Obama is a bad president, a lame duck, but I have to ask if America has given the man a fair shake. I know many who feel like they have. Sometimes I agree with their anger, and sometimes I don’t. The foaming at the mouth is becoming tedious and is not productive. All of us are probably guilty of this to some degree. Regardless of how we feel, the smart money is on Obama pulling through for the win. Prepare yourselves however you see fit. I suggest alcohol, in copious amounts.


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  • When Romney said that line about checking his website, I practically flipped out. If I were the moderator, I would have kicked him off my stage and replaced him with his website. YOU'RE NOT HERE TO TELL US TO CHECK YOUR WEBSITE! YOU'RE HERE TO TELL AMERICA WHAT YOU'RE ABOUT, YOU FOOL! What the hell was he thinking?! If you were at a job interview and were asked a question, would you tell the guy to check your website?

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