Why Recycling and Politics Do Not Mix (Garbage In, Garbage Out)

Why do people insist on edifying the George W. Bush regime when downing Obama? Do they really think that just because Obama is a lying, soulless, communist scoundrel that the fascism of the Bush era was better? Is it their idea of better to have a guy in office that will lie his way into a decade-long Oil War by saying “they’ve got ‘em” over and over (talking about Iraqi’s having WMD’s) or, when too many people call him out for a liar, will retort with “I’m the Decider.”? Did they all enjoy having a president that did not mind telling the American people, essentially, to go to Hell?

I’m still waiting for Obama to say that with anything other than the DREAM Act. Another thing people are using to make W. look better than Obama is Obama’s decision to expand the Patriot Act. Remember who put the damn thing in there to begin with? It wasn’t Obama.

I don’t approve of Obama. I think the DREAM Act is a little too big for him to use executive (or what the pols love to call ‘inherent’) power to institute something which is going to cause a mass exodus of people we cannot support but who will mostly end up on some form of Welfare (come on, do you really think they’re going to join the military?) be it Student Loans or Food Stamps or the like, but at least Obama did not flex his muscle to run out and kill a bunch of brown people so his Pals could take over said people’s natural resources.

What is even worse is that I remember people using Bush to edify Clinton. Clinton wasn’t bad, but he was still a liar and half-a-communist (which seems to be the case with any Democrat). I absolutely despised the whole Thumbprint ID requirement because I think my picture should be good enough, but I thought he caught a bad rap on the Lewinsky deal (ye gods, how much of a philanderer was Kennedy?), and he did manage to balance the budget. All in all, he was not so bad. What makes it stupid for Americans to inflate him in argument against Bush and do the same now with Bush contra Obama is that it shows that we as a nation have not learned anything. We just recycle the same stupid rhetoric, garbage in, garbage out, year after year.

I expect more. I expect more out of Americans. We’re always talking about how hard we work. If that is true, why are we so damn dumb? You would think any self-respecting American would know when is the time to make real changes, and how. We do it in our lives all the time, but we cannot seem to do it for our country. We have a voice if we would only use it. However, if we’re going to sound like broken records when we do, maybe there is no point. Maybe it really is just time to lay back and let the people who control our lives institute complete control, to the tune of Big Brother On-Screen in your house, 24/7, and have an appointed time that we have to stand in front of that screen. As long as we can buy smartphones, I personally believe that ninety per cent of Americans would be fine with this. It is disgusting, and I expect more.

I doubt these expectations will be met. What I’ll hear instead is “OHHH! They wouldn’t do that!” and what I’ll get instead are lettuce-bombs chucked at my head by drooling peons who think I’m the one who is crazy. I guess I am. I like Freedom and can make my own Security. I don’t feel the need to trade it away for color charts and bad drone policies.

If you’re of the opinion that the Elite will not take things that far, well, bet me. They will go as far as they feel they can. They will go as far as they feel they’ve conditioned your tolerance level (through media) to handle.

To canonize W. for the sake of crucifying Obama is pure ignorance. It is backward thinking, and we should really cut it out. We’re going to have four more years of Obama, make no mistake. It is In The Script, and until we get off our asses and speak up in a Useful Way instead of the way these Occupy fools are doing it (half-ass, and leaderless buffoons who believe stopping traffic by lying down in the street is a good way to make change), we are Doomed. Here’s a good place to start, if you bother to think about it at all.

No More Democrats or Republicans. Something new. I do not know what, but we need to jump out of this comfort zone. The Dem/Rep Security Blanket is mildewed and moldy and covered in myriad unidentifiable stains. It has to go into the laundry, and be replaced by something that does not stink so horribly until it is washed and made like new. We need to start figuring out what that thing will be. We need to force the Powers-That-Be to change the script. We’ll have four years to think about it; maybe Mr. Change-Is-A’Comin’ can help, if he really wants to put his money where his mouth is.

Here’s a good argument for why this is necessary: The National Debt. You see how much money these greedheads manage to raise for their campaigns. Why can they not raise an equal amount of money to go into the national debt? If the answer is “because they’re too busy lining their pockets”, it follows that they have All got to go.

None of them are saints. Stop recycling them. They may be plastic, but they are also powerful. And they run Your Life. Choose Wisely. Choose for real change, not garbage of a different sort.


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  • The thing that astounds me beyond all belief is that the Republican-run Congress refuses to vote for anything Obama proposes, even if they believe in it themselves. Remember that before Obamacare, Romney had a very similar plan. Now, he can't enforce it because Obama proposed it first. Whoops!

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    In reply to Tusitala:

    Obama's a shit, and so is Romney. In fact, there's A LOT of shits out there...some may be closer to home than you think.

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