The Extremist Uprising Must Not Damage Our Rights

I was not going to blog about the Extremist Uprisings. CPS is far more popular. But things like that are for the blogs of others, and you all have covered it very well. I feel this one falls to me.

But I very much want to know what you all think about these things I am about to say.

First and foremost, the way to end the uprisings is NOT to further murder our First Amendment Rights, which is the answer the president seems to have. Hollywood should be allowed to make whatever sort of crap they want. In America, we have that right, and that right is worth fighting and dying for.

There some who think that the answer to end these uprisings is to cut off all aid to these countries, and pull our diplomats out. I lean toward this opinion. Sure, why not? Screw those people. Why do we have diplomats over there in the first place, if not to pave the way for Democracy? Is it to make sure we do not end up in a war with these lunatics? Or is it to appease the non-lunatics, the peaceful Muslims (an oxymoron, really) who would lay flowers at the doorsteps of the murdered diplomats? Is it our obligation to appease any of those people? Flowers mean little when your father is already dead. Screw them. They don’t want democracy, and who are we to force it on them?

Why not just cut our losses and get out? Let these people go back to killing each other. They love to kill, and have throughout history. They are constantly calling for the death of America, and I wonder if it is not because we give them a figurehead on which to concentrate; bored with killing themselves, they now kill us.

I believe that we stay for two reasons: One, the Cold War is really still on, with China added to the fray. If we left, I can guarantee that either Russia or China would move in, and gain control of the OIL interests in the surrounding countries. I’m sure that the Powers-That-Be know this. We cannot have China or Russia gaining too much power in the world, can we? They’re already big and powerful enough. To back out and allow them a shot at gaining more power would be unwise. It boils down to Strategy.

So far, Egypt is “not an ally”. OK. What are they? Well, think of it as if you were playing Risk. You have wanted Libya for many rounds, and you finally get it. So, that’s one place to set up shop and help keep an eye on, well, let’s call it Assyria, just to cut down on words. Also, your buddies, Israel, seem to need some hardcore backing these days on account of those pesky Iranians, and Egypt and Libya, also Afghanistan and India are great places to set up shop for that aspect of the Great Watchdog Policy.

The latter two countries, you have. The former two countries, you need. So in no way is pulling out a strategically-keen option even though it seems to make more sense in the push for peace.

Reason number two is, of course, Money. You cannot afford another war, neither in the eyes of the people or in the monetary account. But you for damn sure cannot afford to lose all that OIL, either. Therefore, diplomacy must reign supreme, even at the cost of the respect of your own people and the people in other countries. It makes sense to look weak here, because there are big money interests in the Middle East you’ve been trying to control through said diplomacy rather than blood. Blood would cost too much, maybe even more than losing all that Black Gold.

So, you stay, and let them continue to kill your diplomats with impunity, fighting back with mere tear gas while they psychopaths just laugh it off and drag Americans out into the street and rape them to death (or did you not hear that?). Sounds like a plan; there’s always some collateral damage. Sorry about your cornhole, pal.

Strategy and Money.

The other thing I have heard people call for is, predictably, War. It worked before, correct? You don’t see Iraq or Afghanistan kicking up too much dirt, at least not outwardly. They got their asses handed to them, and are afraid to come out of their caves. They may pipe up on occasion, but they sure don’t get too loud. Maybe roll in with a few hundred tanks and just blast the crap out of the region, and any innocents had better get the Hell out of the way if they don’t want to wind up decorating the streets as cannon fodder. However, their Al-Qaeda, their Taliban, may have started this new mess. So, there’s only one way to be positive, right? Why not institute Operation Glass Castle?

China and Russia may get mad, but so what? They’re not going to do anything. You’ve got them in your pocket and they don’t have enough Gun. As long as we buy their knick-knacks or their porno they should just shut their gobbing mouths and let us do what we
want. So say the Warmongers.

No matter which of the three you lean toward, to whine and cry and agree with the protesters that would have you shut down your First Amendment Right is deplorable. It is not an Answer, it is a Win for the Enemy. You have to think of what their next strike will be (I bet Obama isn’t very good at Chess), and what that would mean for your Country and Interests. Would the Enemy merely stop and call it a Win and a Day? Or would they rejoice and double their efforts in the push toward the real goal, Global Islam?

Feel like converting to Islam? Learning to speak Arabic?

Is this whole thing just a sham? Part of the agenda drummed up by black marketers of World War Three? Is Obama really a Muslim, or just a lame duck with no backbone?

Questions abound, and answers are short. I don’t feel much like I’ve got any good, level-headed ones. I’d like to know what everyone else thinks. Hopefully you love your Constitutional Rights as much as I do, and see no need to compromise those rights just because a bunch of psychotic jackasses think you ought to die for those rights.

The Crazies are right about one thing. You ought to be willing to protect those self-evident truths with your very life, as do the soldiers you support with bumper stickers and yellow ribbons. If you are not, America has already lost.



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  • The thing that sucks is, I'm probably going to die because of some stupid holy war that I have no part in. Let Christians and Muslims kill each other, just leave us atheists alone.

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    Ahh, they won't. They're more important than you, and they have no consideration for anyone else, yet they demand that we have consideration for them. Fuck the religious.

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