Advent Communism and the Do-Nothing Party

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: After reading this, I almost decided not to post it. Not because I don’t believe the words I have written here, I do. In fact I think to hear things like the following is necessary. I balked because this is more than likely going to alienate me from EVERYONE before I really even get my blog off the ground, but I’m following through because I decided I really don’t care. People will ask “Where do you stand?” Like Roark, I stand by what I believe with guts and with pride, and that should be clear. There’s a reason I call this blog “Opinions That Can Get You In Trouble”, and this blog is my best proof of that yet. )

Is it all just a joke?

Are we doomed to be a Communist Country in coming years?

Romney promises accountability and credibility once he is in office. I suppose that means he won’t have us all looking for jobs in China after he is elected. Well. We shall see how much he holds to that promise. Will he do it better than any other politician before him, meaning will he do it AT ALL? Perhaps we’ll see, Mitt. Barry certainly has turned out to be a lying, useless piece of semi-communist filth, and in your past, Mitt, you’ve been an outsourcing, loophole-finding piece of criminal filth. Why is it always a toss-up between two lying criminals for the Presidency? Is that all our nation’s politics can produce, liars? I can’t wait to see, Mitt, I really can’t. It almost makes me want to vote for you. No one should choose a candidate whose efficacy is dubious. But I think I’ll stick with Ron Paul, and anyone who tells me I can’t vote for him is a coward. This is America. I can vote for whomever I choose.

Obama, the Champion of Illegal Immigration and Socialized America. Lover of Slave Labor. He expects the American Employee to do More for Less. Mr. “You didn’t create that!” Obama is cheered by millions of people on Welfare who don’t mind being subject to the government as long as they can stay rooted to the couch. He calls for “personal sacrifice” rather than personal gain. Sorry, Barry, this country is about gains more than sacrifice. That sacrifice junk goes over quite well when you’re trying to sell poor kids on joining the military, but I really don’t think you’re going to sell J.P. Fatback on it, and that’s why you’re not raising any money.

Back to Mr. Charity – or Romney, Grinning Loan Shark: Is it really a good thing that he loaned a Staples owner 250 large to pay off a house because the E-Vile Bank (maybe pointed in the poor man’s direction by Romney? Not impossible) was going to take it away? The man was only moved from one pocket to another. Romney did not do that for charity and it is criminally remiss to say he did. He saw a Business Opportunity, make no mistake. You can bet your eyeteeth that for the following decade or so, Romney or one of his cronies stood right behind that Staples owner, pulling the sap’s marionette strings. “But that’s how business is done!” You say. Yes, I know that is how Business is done.

Just don’t call it Charity. If you give a hospital a gob of liquid cash for a new cancer wing you don’t expect to be paid back. That is Charity. It is giving your money to a good institution for a good cause. When you take advantage of a failing business owner’s sad situation and place the poor sap neatly in the pocket of your slacks it called Lending. It is Purchase, and should not be touted as anything altruistic or used as a platform to get you elected. What, am I supposed to think you would loan ME that kind of money? I wouldn’t take it from you if you tried. I have already learned that lesson.

Obama is doing a similar thing, but on a much grander scale. I believe Romney will do the same junk that Obama is doing, just under different names and different auspices.

ObamaCare, RomneyCare (ToyotaCare, ye gods, did you see that bit of Offal?). More Welfare, Bigger Credit. Don’t vote either of these soulless dingbats into office, I implore you. Vote for someone else. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how hard things shake up when NEITHER man is elected? No one would know what to do. We’d have to think up something completely different. We’d have to THINK. Uh oh. That’s hard for many of us.

The first thing we’d have to do is deny the Electoral College the right to choose for us. But that is another topic for another day.

The United States of America is NOT, and I want to make it clear that I know this, a communist country. Anyone who was born in say, Bosnia will walk up and down any American who dares say it is. However, in coming years, we will rack up so much debt through our irresponsible Credit and Welfare system that communism will be the only possible result. Many will agree that Welfare should go but I daresay that Credit Cards – which I refuse to have – should also be considered for outsourcing. I cannot condone giving a Bank or any Lender the opportunity to rape my life simply so I can live above my means or have more Toys. I am not a Fatback, nor am I a little boy.

As for Welfare, the government has put so many people on it that those folks could start their own political platform – The Do-Nothings – and maybe even get elected to office. Now that I think about it, the Do-Nothings could include just about anyone who rolls with the status quo. A bunch of think-nothing, no-action jellyfish saying “Well, it’s either this guy or that guy, ho-hum” and giving the government more opportunity to push the Rule Of The Nation further toward the Orwellian State of Oceania. Not 1984, but 2016. Welfare may look like a good means of spending more time with your children today, but when the Man comes to conscript the seven-year old boy into the People’s Global Force For Good, telling you “Hey. We pay for everything. We feed him, we own him. Sorry.” your thought will change.

Credit, Welfare, Romneyism, Obamunism are all geared toward spreading the false sense of Altruism which ultimately leads to lack of personal choice. The DREAM Act will flood business with plenty of Slave Labor, schools with More Loans, and the military with more Cannon Fodder than it can grind into USDA Approved meat. Welfare will keep more Americans from striving to become anything. The Credit System will murder Ownership – You don’t own your House, the Bank does. You don’t own your Car, the bank does. And if you get too close to beating the system by paying them off, why, we’ll just raise the APR because there is, under Obamunism, no ceiling anymore. Somewhere, there is a din of multiple gales of cigar-and-scotch-rasped laughter as the Greedheads count the People They Own…it is a Horror, worse than any film could be.

What do we do? I hear that all the time. Try getting off the couch and doing something with your life. Make some of those sacrifices Obama loves to talk about so much. Stop this erroneous way of thinking that says “The Toys Make the Person”. The crap you own does not make you who you are. Your integrity, the way you treat others, with dignity, respect, and a love of personal freedom (which is what this country was founded on in the first place) makes you who you are. Your children are not going to respect you if you don’t do something with your life, and you cannot take the Toys with you when you die (unless you’re a Pharaoh), so…well, what are you prepared to do?

If the answer is nothing, get ready for the Fourth Reich. Only instead of Jews (or Japanese), it’ll be the Poor rounded up and put into the concentration (FEMA) camps. I have said this and more and I’m sticking to it. The Fat Is In The Fire. Let the fur fly. There is the chime of the Bell. My dukes are up; all I ask is that we keep it bare-knuckle, for entertainment’s sake.

(DISCLAIMER: This Author Does Not Condone Violence, and is of the opinion that ours is still the Greatest Country in the World. How long he will continue to feel that way about his country is currently coming into question, as it should.)


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    I have just one word for this blog. Legen.............wait for it..dary! I absolutely loved your rant on corrupt political society! But what got me to stay was your talk about the electoral college doing our voting for us! That's been eating at me for years, and its nice to actually see someone write about it publicly! Anyway, hope to read bigger and better things from you! Happy hunting!

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    In reply to jb mcgruber:

    Thanks you for the support, I need all I can get. I hope you keep reading, and please...tell your friends. I promise to keep kicking out the jams.

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