Fellow Americans: Are we really better than this? I'm starting to have my doubts

Fellow Americans: Are we really better than this? I'm starting to have my doubts

Another week's gone by.  Another week when we were all focused on the horrible-thing-of-the-week that Donald Trump has said or done or tweeted.

Is Trump a racist? Most of us know the answer by now. I'm not sure Trump knows it or knows what the word "racist" means. 

But even if you can delude yourself into thinking Trump's not a racist, and you say to yourself that you like Trump because he's good for the economy, you have to admit he kowtows to the racists among us.

As someone who's of Jewish heritage, what's extra worrisome to me is that Trump has thrown Jews into the mix, as if Ilhan Omar's anti-semitic tweets justify him tweeting that four congresswomen should "go back" to where they came from. (Never mind that three of the four were born here, and one is a naturalized citizen.)

I can tell you one thing: Most Jews don't want to be anywhere near Trump's attacks on Omar or the rest of the Squad. 

Trump is just one man. His ugly words--as disgraceful as they were-- don't disturb me nearly as much as watching the sea of his ardent followers chanting "Send her back!" at Trump's rally in North Carolina. But as my friend and fellow blogger, Bonnie McGrath, said recently,"Trump is the symptom, not the disease."

Trump is the most un-American president I have seen in my lifetime. He either doesn't understand the basic principles on which our nation was founded or chooses to ignore them. The free press and our freedom as Americans to say what we want goes to the very essence, the core, of what America is all about.

Here's the thing--and this is America 101, folks--you can dislike or disagree with things Omar has said-- and I do disagree vehemently with many of them, but as a fellow American, I defend her right to say them. Otherwise, we have a dictatorship.

The fact that Trumps' fans don't get it blows my mind. But imagine, Trumpsters--if you're reading this, that Obama was the dictator instead of your revered Trump. Do I have your attention now?

As we all know, Republicans have mostly clammed up about even the most outrageous things Trump has said. I like to think they'll pay a price for it, but who knows?

Then there's the infighting among the Democrats in Congress. It doesn't help anything (Perhaps, that's Trump's plan all along?). Just when Democrats desperately need to pull together to defeat Trump, they're coming apart like the yellow sweater I snagged yesterday on a nail sticking out from the wall.

Democrats need to concentrate their efforts to choose the candidate who has the best chance to beat Trump. For me, that's someone who's more centrist, has good sensible ideas (isn't just feeding us platitudes) and would appeal to moderate Republicans who can't stomach Trump. With any luck, they'll hold their collective noses and vote Democratic this time.

Right now, I don't see that scenario happening. I like what moderate candidate Michael Bennet has to say. But without big money (and a big mouth, I might add), he has as much of a chance to win the presidential nomination as I do.

Plus, I'm seeing a lot of negative pushback from ordinary Democrats on social media.

If you don't agree with everything the Squad says or you voice an unpopular opinion, you are shamed, labeled a racist, or called old and out of touch, as happened to a friend recently on Facebook. "Take a seat" was the phrase a younger commenter used in response to what my pal had to say.

Do you see the irony here? If we aren't allowed to say what we think, aren't we just as bad as the guy in the White House?

So are we really better than this? Only time will tell. I remain skeptical, but I keep hope alive.

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  • Kind of ironic, no, that the "party of inclusion" has no room for moderate voices?

    As for Obama, as president cum dictator, criticism of him was shut down by some of the same people shutting down moderate Democrats with the charge of "racism". Ironic, no? So off-limits is Obama that nobody in the media has even the curiosity to ask him why he knew about Russian interference in the 2016 election and did nothing. Strange, no?

    The racist, anti-Semite members of the Squad, in fact, labeled Speaker Pelosi as racist right before they slung it at Trump. No moderate Democrats defended her. Trump, however, did. Political strategy or not --- where was the rest of her party and also the rank and file Democrats? Afraid, that's where. Afraid of being called racist for defending Pelosi. The racist, anti-Semite Squad is the Democrat Party of today, like it or not.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, do you want to "send them back" too?

    BTW, please supply the quote from the "the Squad" that called Pelosi a racist.

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