10 reasons why I'm voting for Sean Casten for Congressman

10 reasons why I'm voting for Sean Casten for Congressman

The November 6th election is not a presidential election so you may think it doesn't matter whether you vote or not. Wrong. This election will determine the balance of power for our nation--if Trump's policies fly through Congress or Democrats actually have a say in things.

That's just one of the reasons why I'm voting for Sean Casten, not Peter Roskam, for Congressman of the 6th District. Here are nine more.

  1. Casten is a smart cookie with an impressive educational background. He's a scientist with degrees in molecular biology, biochemistry in engineering management and biochemical engineering, the later, a master's degrees from Dartmouth. I want a Congressman who's smarter than me. Just sayin'.
  2. Casten believes in climate change. He's a businessman, who co-founded a company called Recycled Energy Development. It's mission: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the recovery of otherwise wasted energy. So with Casten, we'll get a two-fer: Someone who cares about the environment and is highly knowledgeable about the subject. How refreshing.
  3.  If you like Trump, you'll like Roskam. He voted with Trump 94 percent of the time. In addition, Roskam is as quiet as a mouse whenever Trump says or tweets something despicable.
  4. Roskam hides from his constituents, avoiding meeting with them face-to-face. What kind of representative is that?
  5. Speaking of Trump, Roskam is taking a page from Trump's playbook, trying to pin the nickname "Shady Sean Casten" on Casten in Roskam's ads. There's nothing shady about Casten. If you like Trump's mean-spirited, infantile name-calling and the disrespectful, depressing atmosphere he has created in this country, then Roskam is your man. He'll help continue the status quo.
  6. Roskam, just like about every Republican running for office in Illinois, is trying to link Casten to Madigan, talking about them in ads as if they are two peas in a pod. Casten is no tax and spend Democrat. He knows which side his bread is buttered on, and he knows he lives in a swing district. Besides, Casten in running for U.S. Congressman, not a state office. Madigan can't control him.
  7. I believe every person in a country as rich and wonderful as ours should have access to affordable healthcare, including those with pre-existing conditions. So does Sean Casten. Here are some of the conditions which could be considered to be pre-existing conditions and eliminate you or someone you love from having health insurance: arthritis, cancer, cerebral palsy, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, hepatitis, mental disorders  such as bipolar disorder or an eating disorder, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy and sleep apnea.
  8. Republicans are trying to mess with Medicare and Social Security. If you vote for Roskam, don't complain if it happens.
  9. Casten is no radical anti-2nd amendment nut, but he does believe in common sense gun laws.

My voice matters and so does yours. Vote as if your life depends on it because, well, it does. Chicago Tribune reporter, Mary Wisniewski O'Malley, said it best in a Facebook post:

 "The upcoming election, for every office, you will have to pick between two flawed human beings. Maybe you wouldn't like to have a beer with either of them. So what? Pick the least bad. That's what adults do. We're not picking an ice cream flavor here -- we're participating in what we'd like to still consider a democracy. If you don't like the choices, run yourself next time. But don't sit on your hands and wail, "Oh, politics is so awful and I don't know enough and I'm going to write in Mickey Mouse or unicorns." Because if you do, if you stay at home and waste your franchise, YOU are the problem. Not Mitch McConnell -- he's going to do what his people expect him to do. Not Dianne Feinstein. She's going to do what her people expect. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM IF YOU DON'T LEARN THE ISSUES, GET OFF YOUR LAZY, FACEBOOKING ASS AND VOTE. Use the franchise people have literally died for. And if you don't, don't even bother talking to me."

Amen, sister.

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