Trump was right: It's time to bring federal troops to Chicago

Trump was right: It's time to bring federal troops to Chicago

Understand upfront I agree with Donald Trump about practically nothing. But last year he threatened to send in "the feds" to quell Chicago's violence. And though it pains me to admit it, if Trump's offer/threat still stands, we need to take him up on it.

It's time to bring in federal troops. (Although what exactly Trump meant by the words "the feds" and whether or not it was just his usual ranting is another story.)

After one of the most violent weekends in Chicago history that left 12 people dead and 54 wounded, enough is enough.

The mayor, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and others have provided an array of reasons for the uptick in violence--illegal flow of guns, gang conflicts, drugs, the refusal of people to cooperate, the lack of jobs, the lack of values, poverty, self-hatred.

To be clear: All these things matter and need to be addressed too.

Rahm Emanuel said in a news conference today the violence is  "unacceptable to happen in any neighborhood." He's right. And if it was happening on the north side, I am 100% certain something more meaningful to stop the violence would have happened by now.

I'm tired of the politicking and the excuses and the talking and the marching. I'm sick of seeing grieving families. I'm sick of the balloons and stuffed animals placed on the streets and sidewalks where loved ones were killed in cold blood.

I can only imagine the overwhelming frustration, fear and sadness the good people who live in these neighborhoods must feel.

It's time to admit it. We need some help. And the sooner, the better.

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  • The Chicago Police sure are not getting the job done.

  • Trump's support of federal troops in Chicago is not a good idea and probably isn't even a legal idea. Soldiers aren't cops.

    It's not politically correct to say this, especially on a platform like Chicagonnow, where so many put their belief in politics and political leaders, but politics IS the spine from which all the tentacles of problems you mention get their motion and life. The Chicago Police Department has stepped down quite a bit since the ACLU "intervention" on suspicious stops and the Federal decree were put in place. When they do arrest violent offenders with a record they are out of jail in no time. I don't have the time or inclination to go into the details, but this is due to the politics of the situation -- often voiced by people who live on the north side or in safe north suburbs and have never set foot on the south-side or west-side, yet know what's best for the trapped souls living with the gangs who run the city.

    Read Bob Angone's posts on here. He knows what he is talking about.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Yes, Bob knows what he's talking about.

  • The reason why action would be taken quicker on the north side is because they would welcome it. Based on twitter accounts from people in the higher crime areas of Chicago, they don't seem to welcome help from outsiders.. while in my neck of the woods (Edgewater/Uptown area).. we welcome the added police help and if there are problem corners.. we make sure and post it to Facebook, to the alderman, to the cops, etc... as well as calling 411/911 because the CPD determines which sections need extra police patrol based on the # of calls logged in.

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