How Abraham Lincoln could get Bruce Rauner or JB Pritzker elected governor

How Abraham Lincoln could get Bruce Rauner or JB Pritzker elected governor

I can't stand watching the Rauner and Pritzker television commercials.

Guess what, fellas? What you're saying isn't news to me. Not the toilet stuff, Mr. Rauner. Not the nine homes that Rauner owns, Mr. Pritzker.

And even if these things were news: Do I really need to hear the same messages over and over again, ad nauseam? I'm pretty sure we Illinoisans got it, say, the first dozen times.

If your end game is to annoy the citizens of Illinois, Governor and Governor-hopeful, great job. High five!

Mr. Rauner: Thought you might want to know that my husband and I turn off the sound when the you-should-hate-Pritzker-toilet-commercials come on the air. As far as my household is concerned, Mr. Rauner, your money is, well, getting flushed down the toilet.

Here's the thing: Rauner and Pritzker have already dumped more than $120 million dollars of their own moolah into their campaigns. Undoubtedly, they will spend more money in the coming months.

I think about all those wasted dollars. Dollars that could be used in countless ways in our cash-strapped state if these fat cat candidates chose to help needy people and organizations in Illinois instead of bombarding us with irritating TV commercials.

But I came up with an idea that could help Rauner and Pritzker win the hearts and minds of the Illinois public and at the same time save us from these two home invaders:

Buy a few less commercials and put some of your dough into saving the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

I mean, who doesn't love Abraham Lincoln? Helping the Lincoln Museum and Library in Springfield is hardly controversial. 

The backstory is the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, which supports the Lincoln Library and Museum, borrowed $23 million in 2007 to purchase 1,500 Lincoln and Lincoln-related artifacts, including Lincoln's stovepipe hat and the bloodstained gloves he had with him the night he was assassinated.

The Foundation needs $9.7 million dollars to pay what it owes on the debt. That's a drop in the bucket to two bigwigs such as Rauner and Pritzker.

According to Dr. Carla Knorowski, CEO of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation, some of these relics may have to be auctioned off if the money isn't found.

The Foundation has already sold a dress once owned by Marilyn Monroe (acquired by the Foundation in 2007 with the Lincoln memorabilia). It fetched $50,000, a tidy sum. Still, hardly enough to cover the rest of the loan.

That means locks of hair from his Lincoln's wife Mary and his son Willie may have to be sold!  The presidential seal! And, yes, Lincoln's stovepipe hat and bloodstained gloves as well as other rare Lincoln items and documents!

Putting these precious, iconic materials on the auction block, would be devastating to Lincoln lovers (everybody) and our state.

The Foundation has  petitioned the governor and state lawmakers for the funds, but so far, no luck, which isn't surprising. Illinois is broke.

The Lincoln Library and Museum is a fabulous place, full of fascinating things for people of all ages.

It features galleries, theater presentations and artifacts, including an original copy of the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th amendment outlawing slavery, the Gettysburg Address, and Lincoln’s presidential briefcase, all of which are on rotating display for the public to see.

If you haven't been there, go. Now.

Mr. Rauner and Mr. Pritzker, listen up. The loan must be paid back by October 2019. One of you (or both) could be the man to save the day! You could be a hero! Think of the great PR you'd get! Imagine all the votes you could possibly rack up! (You can thank me later, Richie Rich 1 and 2.)

Contributing to this more-than-worthy Illinois cause is easy. Mr. Rauner, Mr. Pritzker and the rest of my fellow Lincoln aficionados: Now is the time to donate to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation.

Just click here or here  to show your support. Do it today before it's too late. For more information, call: 217-557-6251.

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    How about a Commercial together with both of them each covering half of what the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum need. Throw that into a Commercial and show the people of Illinois that the two guys who want to be the States leader are not the Nit Wits they are portraying each other to be. No matter the outcome, by the time they get done bashing the Bejesus out of each other, those gross commercials are what most of us will remember whenever we see the new Governor. Those goofy commercials remind me of a bunch of kids on a playground saying by Father is tougher than your father, it's was called the dirty dozens. Two billionaires acting like Carnival barkers.

  • In reply to Bob Angone:

    Yes, I'd love to see that--the two of 'em in a commercial together. But I won't hold my breath!

  • Brilliant idea. Spend the money on something worthwhile before it's lost. I'll vote for whoever contributes more!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Love it, Margaret!

  • I'll agree with that it used to be that commercials started around Labor Day, and Memorial Day is just nauseating, especially since neither has anything new to say. Rauner provides a lot of employment for fat actors, though.

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