Why Melania wore the jacket

Why Melania wore the jacket

Yesterday, Melania Trump wore THAT green jacket with the words "I DON'T REALLY CARE, DO U?" scrawled across the back of it. She donned it  during a journey to Texas, where she visited facilities which houses immigrant children who were separated from their parents at the border.

The message on the jacket left most of us shocked, sure it had to have been photoshopped. When we found out it wasn't, we were (and still are) confused as to what the message meant.

Lots of people have weighed in with lots of theories:

  1. It was a dis to the press. Melania is saying that she doesn't give a sh*t what the media says or writes about her. Her husband agrees, tweeting  “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’ written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media. Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!” 
  2. It's a dis to her cheater of a husband.
  3. It means she doesn't give  a sh*t  about the immigrant children being torn from their parents or anything else the Trump administration does.
  4. She is totally tone-deaf to appear in the jacket when she is visiting these facilities. It makes her look uncaring even if she is.
  5.  Her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said the jacket had “no hidden message.” It was simply a wardrobe choice.
  6. The jacket comes from Zara, the same company that offered several pieces of clothing that looked mighty anti-Semitic. The message on the jacket is a shout-out to the alt-right.

Here's what I think: The message means zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. I think she was purposely wearing the jacket because the White House wanted her to wear it. Why? As a distraction. Look here not there.

Think about it. The jacket costs $39.  Do you think Melania, who is always seen in nothing but gorgeous designer threads, would actually don a cheapo jacket like that as a fashion alternative? No way, Jose.

Someone in the White House knew the press would jump all over the jacket story like lions on a zebra. And so would the rest of us. While we're busy talking about the jacket, we're not focusing on all the horrible things the administration is doing.

It worked, too. I'm writing about it.

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  • Either--
    --she bought it from the site that advertises all over chicagonow--"ASK ME IF I CARE" apparel.
    --she can't read (or maybe comprehend) English.

    As far as the theory that someone in the WH set her up, it was for the purpose of disproving Melania's theory that she really cared. Also note that she's about the only dignitary that got admission to one of the detention centers.**

    *BTW, I did follow up on an ad on chicagonow on 2.5% CDs at a bank.
    **HHH used the proper term.

  • Why do we always pretend like we can't be mindful of 2 things at once? I can pay attention to the fact that she made a very bad and callous wardrobe choice, perhaps as a means to draw some attention away from her husbands bleak political situation, while still keeping attention on the bleak political situation.

    I think this event revealed her to be just as sad and sorry, and ill-fitting as her husband, contrary to what a lot of people want to believe about her. She's not an unwilling participant in this whole debacle. She got in the boat knowing full well what it entailed, and with full intent of being an accessory (legally not physically) to it all.

  • In reply to Dion McGill:

    I think you're right. I don't think they twisted her arm to make her wear the jacket. Thanks for reading, Dion!

  • I'm not defending anything those two do, the Coat was beyond stupid to say the least. We are enduring the "Gerry Springer Of American Presidents". However having said that, I know for a fact that she would have had to wear a "Safety Vest"visiting a volatile scene like that, there is a slight chance that that thing was the only thing they had to cover her to keep her from harm. It's just a theory and not an excuse. Some real dopey people are in abundance in that crowd.

  • In reply to Bob Angone:

    But she changed on the plane, so the facts don't support your theory.

  • In reply to Bob Angone:

    Love the "Jerry Springer of American Presidents" description! Still, this administration feels more like the "Twilight Zone!"

  • fb_avatar

    Seems obvious to me that this was a big "f you" to her husband.

    He probably said something like "Hey Melania, I really don't care about these kids. Do you? Maybe you can go down to Texas to make us look better." And she said "Fine."

  • In reply to Rob Brown:

    I hope you're right, Rob!

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