If Trump's goal is to stick it to Chicago, freeing Rod Blagovejich is genius

If Trump's goal is to stick it to Chicago, freeing Rod Blagovejich is genius

Donald Trump is all puffed up after his meeting with fellow weird-hair-club member Kim Jong Un. Fox News' Sean Hannity was fawning all over Trump about it. (Never mind that Republicans were highly critical of Obama for saying he would meet with our enemies).

But for the rest of us, a day doesn't go by without Trump doing or saying  something that raises our collective blood pressure (well, at least mine).

It's tough enough listening to Trump's latest proclamation or reading his Twitter rants. But you have to admit, if he wants to really stick it to Chicago, giving us back former Illinois Governor and "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant Rod Blagovejich is genius.

Trump, as we already know, has a particular disdain for Chicago. 

He never misses an opportunity to mention (falsely) that Chicago is the murder capital of the U.S. (not that our record is anything to brag about).

A couple of weeks ago, Trump said he's considering commuting Blagovejich's sentence, and it's easy to see why Trump can relate to Blago's plight.

The two narcissistic peas in a pod are broken records claiming over and over again that they've been victimized by overzealous bad, bad, government officials. 

Trump said Blago's 18 year sentence is too long. His sentence was actually 14 years, but why quibble with facts when you're the leader of the free world?

But here's the important thing to remember: Blago is no choirboy. He not only tried to sell a U.S. senate seat, he was convicted of multiple other counts of political corruption, including shaking down a children's hospital.

Still, whether you're in Blago's wife Patti 's corner, and you think he should be given a get-out-of-jail card, or you believe he should serve his whole time, I think we can agree on one thing: If Trump commutes Blago's sentence, he won't walk away into the sunset quietly, never to be heard or seen again. 

Blago, like most narcissists, loves the spotlight, and this time he'll be more insufferable than ever. He'll appear on every news show--local and national--with his perfectly coiffed hair. The only question is whether his locks will be raven black or cool gray.

We'll have to hear, once again, ad nauseam, how smart he is, how he's done nothing wrong, how boo woo he's the victim and how he loves poetry and is especially fond of Kilping.

He'll write a book. Maybe he'll even get his own talk show or run for public office again.

Of course, we can look away. We can turn off the TV and radio when he's on. We can skip the newspaper articles about him. But who can do all that? It's like turning away from a train wreck. Impossible.

Still, letting Blago out will be good for the Chicago economy. I'm predicting skyrocketing sales of Alka Seltzer, Tums and Aleve.

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  • We'd have to hear the unchastened Blago (or the local news outlets would blast it), but that's not why Mr. You're Fired would do it. It would be more on his attack on the FBI, and to show those like Cohen and Manafot, and maybe even Don Jr. and Jared, that he has their backs.

  • In reply to jack:

    You're right...But maybe it's one more reason to do it!

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    He was convicted by a Jury of his peers. He appealed more than seven times. Each appeal upholding his 14 year sentence even after dropping some charges. Finally the United States Supreme Court ended all of his appeals. Final decision 14 years for Blago. You are so right ,if trump releases him early he will just continue to go on babbling away. Kipling my ass, remember when he said he was going to teach Shakespeare to the inmates well he actually was going to tell them he jogged on Shakespeare in Chicago. I say keep the goof in Colorado for the rest of his term. My wife and I were heavily involved with Children's hospital and we will never forget that weasel holding up that sacred place for 25 thousand dollars. Pay back is bitch.

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