Tiny teeny avocados and 9 other things that are making me happy right now

These days, it's so easy to go negative. Between politics and assorted awful happenings in the world, not to mention private woes--both real and imagined, I want to sit in the corner of my closet and stay there for the next twenty years.

Of course, I don't and I won't. Instead, I'm making a conscious effort to stay positive. One of the ways I'm doing it is by borrowing (stealing?) a page from Mary Schmich and Oprah. Here's a list of some of the things that are making me happy right now.

If any of them happen to give you a lift, so much the better.


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  • Thank you. I'm going to have to try some chocolate babka! I love brioche, but I hadn't known what babka is -- and contrary to some people's opinion, I won't eat "chocolate just about anything."

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  • Wonderful post, thank you--yes, the flowering trees are beautiful this year, and the dandelions are magnificent!

  • Hear hear!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Awesome post! I am intrigued by the mini avocados! I agree with everything you listed! Just haven't seen Coco yet but it's on my never ending list of lists!

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    Oh woe is me Judy Marcus. We went from 100 Yards to the front door of Trader Joes in Chicago at Wabash and Roosevelt to having to drive 5 hours to Atlanta. The tiny Avocados will have to wait for quite while. Maybe Thanksgiving or the Xmas Holidays. Part of the Family lives in Atlanta. Same for Costco. However, we do have a Whole Foods a mile from us.

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