Joe Kennedy is the new Obama

Joe Kennedy is the new Obama

I'll give Trump his props. He gave a good speech last night (even though many found plenty wrong with it).

But the most exciting part of the night--at least for me, was the opposition speech given by Rep. Joe Kennedy. The man has charm. Charisma. Sincerity out the wazoo. And youth. In other words, he has everything Trump doesn't.

Plus, he has the Kennedy name, good looks and naturally ginger-colored hair, the same color as his late great-uncle, John F. Kennedy. As we listened to Kennedy's speech, I leaned over to my husband and told him that Joe Kennedy is new Obama.

I didn't mean Kennedy would embody all things Obama, but Kennedy has a similar kind of appeal--exhibiting altruism, honesty and something very much lacking these days, hopefulness.

I also meant that Kennedy gave a major speech, just like Obama and, suddenly, he will be the new boy wonder and thrust into the national spotlight.

We'll have to see what else he has to say. We'll have to see what kind of skeletons he has in his closet.

We'll have to see how he can take the jabs Trump will throw at him, along with the ridiculous, mean-spirited, bullying names Trump will come up with for him.

And you know Trump will, especially if he considers him at threat. It's Trump modus operandi.  He's probably already having a tantrum that Kennedy stole some of his thunder last night.

We still have a long way to go until 2020. But in this world of 24-hour news cycle, spin, social media and shorter-than-short attention spans, at least now the Democrats have a contender.

Remember, you heard it here.

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  • I agree, his speech was well written and well delivered, but I don't like American Royalty, and I want to see what he can do, other than giving a fine speech. Americans spend too much time electing prom kings and queens to public office, and not seeking substance and past achievements by candidates.

  • In reply to Bob Schneider:

    I agree, Bob. But at least there's a contender.

  • Yikes, another Kennedy. In addition to the one we have running for governor in Illinois. I understand why folks in my generation who were around for JFK are in love with the name. But why now? Good looks? Curly hair? Youthful "viga?" Bob, you're right, it is American Royalty. By today's standards, JFK would have been driven out of office for objectifying women and brazenly cheating on his wife. Oh, wait, that doesn't apply to sitting presidents of either party.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Dennis, did you see him speak? He is very engaging.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    GASP: I'm taking a screenshot :) See? We can agree on something, Dennis. The one we have running for Governor is not ready for prime time. I lived four doors from him when he was growing up in McLean. Those kids were wild. I'm surprised it has not come out.

  • I have to disagree that he is a contender. We just don't get our Presidents directly from the House of Reps. He needs to be a Governor and learn how to govern. You just don't learn how to govern in the Congress, and especially not in the House.

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