Depression is the new normal: 9 reasons why we're all so f-ing depressed

Depression is the new normal: 9 reasons why we're all so f-ing depressed

When I walk into a particular doctor's office, even if I was just there two days ago, the receptionist hands me a form to fill out, one asking a litany of questions in regard to my health.

One question consistantly irks me: Are you depressed?

I always answer no. Otherwise, I'll have the label DEPRESSED tattooed on my permanent medical record for the rest of my life and who wants that?

But here's the thing: This year, it’s a lie. Am I depressed? Crap, yes, I’m depressed. I'd love to write, "What do you think, lady? Who in their right mind isn't!?" Of course, I refrain.

But the truth is since Donald Trump was elected, except for the 36 percent of his die-hard supporters, everybody is angry, anxious, scared, and yes, f-ing depressed, even those whose personal lives are relatively free from personal drama and trauma.

Being depressed is the new normal. The irony is at this time in history, you have to be nuts to not be. 

Here are nine things I'm depressed about. Maybe you have a few more logs to throw on the pile.

1. We have a president who’s a narcissist, braggart, bully, liar and is empty in the empathy department. The paper towel throwing incident in Puerto Rico epitomizes the later for me. 

2. Trump is not the only one lacking empathy these days. We all are. White. Black. Democrat. Republican. We're so-oooo damn quick to judge. A little understanding could go a long way, people.

3. We're living in the bizzaro world. Real news is called fake news. Being cruel and obnoxious wins elections. Lying is acceptable. 

Most recent appalling bizarro world example: our president believes Putin over the findings over U.S. intelligence agencies. 

Of course, he walked away from his statement the next day, but the Trump/Putin bromance is as evident as Trump's disdain for those who might eventually contribute to his fall.

4. The hate. It gives me chills to think how it must have felt for Holocaust survivors to see Nazis marching in Charlottesville.

I have a friend who thinks the marchers are nothing to worry about. That they're just a bunch of loonies. But that's what they said about Hitler's followers. Anti-semitism in 2017 is surging over last year. In New York State alone, anti-semitic incidents are up by 96 %. 

And did this vile story cross your social media path? A white college student allegedly tormented her black roommate in the most repulsive ways possible. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN IN 2017? OR EVER?

5. The Southern monument/confederate flag issue. I don't like the idea of random people destroying property because they find it offensive. 

But, seriously, don't public officials understand/care these images are repugant to a large segment of the population? See empathy,  #1 and #2.

6. The allegations of sexual abuse and harassment continue to seep out. Hollywood is one thing but hundreds of thousand of MeToos#s from ordinary women (and men)? I never would have guessed the net was so wide. And now Al Franken. Damn.

7. The kneeling controversy. File this one under things I don't necessarily like. Still, I get it, and I respect the right of people to do it.

8. North Korea, Trump and Kim Jung Un. Trump called Kim Jung Un  short and fat in response to him calling Trump old. As my mother would have said if she was still alive, "This is what's leading our country?"

9.  People with guns causing mass murder. Babies. Children. Old people. People enjoying country music and attending church services. And just a couple of days ago, another gunman went on a shooting spree. Hundreds wounded and dead in a little more than a month. From guns. For no reason.

The most depressing part is it will keep happening again and again and again for many reasons. One of them is too many congressman choose to do nothing.


Still, the last election brings me some hope things may be looking up:

*Danica Roem became the first openly transgender state lawmaker when she was elected into Virginia's House of Delegates. 

*Jenny Durkan was elected Seattle’s first lesbian mayor. 

*Ravinder Bhalla, a Sikh, became the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey.

*An array of people of color were elected to other statewide offices in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Minnesota, Virginia, Montana, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Maybe I'll come out of this depression yet. Perhaps, you will too. Until then, there's always Kleenex, the late night comics, and if you're lucky, a shoulder to cry on.

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  • I'll make one statement that is different from the others I have made about anti-Antisemitism on chicagonow. I get letters from the WJC and ADL. However, instead of showing that they have a plan to deal with the Nazis marching in Charlottesville, they only seem able to collect money. That really depresses me. I wish I could support someone who does something more effective.

    The other thing that depresses me is that how someone made the insanity of the 36% the new norm. There was a column about it the other day, but I am too indifferent to find it.

    Maybe The Simpsons summarized it last Sunday when Marge's campaign handler said something about Kelly Conwoman being proud to be the first female Joseph Goebbels.

  • Interesting observations, Jack. Did you know there's a comedian of Indian descent who's upset with the stereotype of the character Apu on "The Simpsons"?

  • In reply to Judy Marcus:

    Didn't know that, but doesn't surprise me, notwithstanding anyone I have seen behind the counter of a 7-Eleven or Dunkin Donuts.

    But I wonder that between the Goebbels comment, the banner about "This year, a turkey will pardon the President," and Lisa's dream of losing to Young Hitler, all in one episode, whether Fox has lost its usual Fox News audience.

  • fb_avatar

    Depression and the state of upset are too different things.

    Also, way to kick rocks at folks that do have “depressed” on their permanent record. Good job with the empathy you’re seeking, opinionated woman.

  • THANK YOU. Yes to every word of this. I feel like hate and anger has crept in everywhere like tear gas. I can't even say it started in 2016, but that was the tipping point.

  • In reply to Jenna Karvunidis:

    The hate is loud, but there is still more good people in the world than bad. We need to remember that. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jenna!

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