How to get rid of the bums in Springfield and change things up.

How to get rid of the bums in Springfield and change things up.

Are you disgusted that the politicians in Springfield still haven’t figured out a way to solve our debt crisis? Are you blown away by the sheer arrogance of Mike Madigan last week—missing in action not only by the media—but for a time even unreachable by the Governor!?

Think about it. A Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives who refuses to speak. How nuts is that?

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick, sick, sick of it. I’ve had enough. That’s why one night when I couldn’t sleep I came up with an idea.  Yeah, I admit it’s a little pie-in-the-skyish but here goes:

Let’s start a political action group called Had Enough. The sole mission of Had Enough would be to work toward electing people to Illinois office who’ll make the necessary but difficult decisions.

Cuts, of course, but balanced, common sense ones that do not throw Illinois children, the disabled, the poor and yes, even the unions, completely under the bus.

This would be our sole mission. Because, frankly, we’re probably not all going to agree on anything else.

At this point, I don’t care if these individuals are Democrats or Republicans (although Had Enough would not work to elect mean-spirited haters and blamers. The last thing this state needs is to be led by ex-congressman Joe Walsh wannabes.).

I’m talking about trying to elect individuals who will be beholden to only one group: the citizens of Illinois. And have the balls to stand up to lobbyists and interest groups.

Finding honest, hard-working, intelligent people to run and get elected won’t be easy. But it’s not impossible. The election of Toni Preckwinkle, the President of the Cook County Board, gives me hope.

We’ll need people with a proven record of public service like my cousin Rick Kahen, who served for many, many years as a volunteer on Buffalo Grove’s Commission for Residents with Disabilities.

But I’m not talking about electing Rick. I don’t know if he’d want to run. And besides, he’s my cousin, and  if I tried to elect only him, I’d be as bad as the rest of the machine politicians.

Surely, there are other unrecognized,  service-minded souls who haven't considered the daunting task of running for office simply because they know all the bullsh*t involved in Illinois politics.

But if they had a group like Had Enough to back them up, who knows!?

Besides, Rick is a Baby Boomer. Not that there’s anything wrong with Baby Boomers. But maybe it’s time for members of the Millennials and  Generation This and Generation That to wake up and step up to the plate.

Hey, it’s your future too guys.

We can call this group Illinois Had Enough with a URL of Sounds kinda catchy, don't you think?

I’m just an opinionated blogger with an idea. I hope you guys will take it from here. If you’ve had enough and feel the same way I do, it’s time to get cracking. Email this post to your friends. Share it post on Facebook. Tweet it. And Retweet it.

Otherwise, if  we don’t do anything, we’re totally screwed.

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  • I'll join "had enough."

  • In reply to Bonnie McGrath:

    Great, Bonnie! But we need more members!

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