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James Gandolfini dies... Are you next?

You’ve probably heard by now that James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano, died in Italy yesterday of a heart attack. Somehow this particular celebrity passing made the rounds on the Internet really quickly. Maybe it was because he played that loveable lug on The Sopranos? I might be the only person who’s never seen even a minute... Read more »

The Heart of Queens

Last Friday was “National Wear Red Day for Women,” part of “Women’s Heart Awareness Month.” Throughout February there’s: “Go Red for Women,” part of “America’s Go Red Challenge” and the “Red Dress Event” a designer fashion show, supporting women’s heart health. Guys? Looks like we’re on our own. There are nearly one million heart attacks in this country... Read more »

The Heat Is On

I wet the bed at night. Not the kind of wet the bed I did on and off ‘til about 6th grade (that’s another story!). Maybe it’s more accurate to say I sweat the bed at night… Night sweats. Hot flashes. Whatever you want to call ‘em, every morning I wake up looking like I... Read more »