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Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans
I’ve got a birthday coming up in a month or so. I’ll turn the same age my mother was when she died of a brain aneurism. My mom was down in Florida with my dad when it happened, visiting my oldest sister and her husband. My father had his first stroke a few months earlier.... Read more »

As time goes by

On Thursdays during the school year, my daughter rides the train with me into the city. I impart as much Commuter Master’s knowledge to the padawan as she’ll allow: “to run there is no need, if the conductor is loading a wheelchair. An extra minute or two we have…” I’d typically follow up my pearls... Read more »

Are you ready for your Three-Quarterlife Crisis?

If 40-somethings can have their Midlife Crisis. And 20-somethings can have their Quarterlife Crisis… I’m entitled to my Three-Quarterlife Crisis! We all know the Midlife Crisis. The classic pudgy guy with hair plugs in his little red corvette. But it’s an actual, psychological phenomenon that affects men and women… You’re caught up with career, family,... Read more »

Same Ol' Song and Dance

I wake up every morning around 5. Could be 4:45. Could be 5:15. No alarm clock. I’m not waking up for good— bright and chipper, ready to face another day. I’m just getting up to take a pee. Every morning, same thing. It’s not 10 times a night, like in bladder control drug commercials, not... Read more »

Only as old as you feel, right?

“Your problem is quite common for someone your age.” I get that a lot lately, mostly from doctors. This time it was my ophthalmologist connecting my latest ailment with the latest turn of the page on my personal calendar. I came to her office because my eyes were filled with what could best be described... Read more »

Good Until Jan. 2029

It’s my 4th re-birthday tomorrow… Happy re-birthday to me!! Tomorrow, my quadruple bypass turns four. (Old enough for pre-school.) Four years ago today I was watching cable TV in a backless gown at Northwestern hospital trying not to think about the gruesome things a highly trained team of total strangers was going to do to... Read more »