About Walter

In January of ’09, a team of surgeons broke me open like a piñata, performed a quadruple bypass, and saved my life. The physical recovery part went well. The psychological part? Still working on that.


Over 500,000 men and women have heart surgery every year. At least 1/3 of them suffer some degree of post-procedure depression. So I wasn’t alone. I started seeing a psychologist to work through it, then went beyond. After years of therapy, she set me off on my own, sort of. This is the continuation of my recovery, you might say, the week-to-week part I’m doing all by myself.


I’m a Chicago native, a writer and comedian: national TV (Brandmeier, Jenny Jones), weekly show on WLUP-AM, guest blogger at www.mentalpod.com and www.menbeyond50.net, short story “Gut Feeling” in Clackamas Literary Review. Wife. 4 kids. Midlife crisis. House in the suburbs.


New posts every Monday.

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