The most amazing blog post ever will blow your mind!!

The second to last paragraph will knock your socks off!
There’s a lot more hype out there on the Internet lately, more than usual. I know everyone’s vying for your eyeballs on their tweets and pins, snapchats and landing pages but every meme can’t be awesome. Every blog post can’t be the most amazing blog post ever.

Yes, hype has been around longer than we want to admit. From the guy selling snake oil off the back of a wagon to newsreels in the 30s… Get your clothes whiter than white! Bigger! Faster! Juicier! Calling the movie that hasn’t opened yet a “hit” is pure hype. We’re kind of numb to it. And maybe that’s the problem. The ad guys and PR people out there can feel you slipping away so they’ve stepped up their game.

Emma Stone is funny lip-syncing with Jimmy Fallon but is it “beyond epic” as the viral clip would have you believe? A guy’s sidewalk art is cool but is it “couldn’t believe my eyes” cool? Will “tears of laughter stream down your face” after seeing bad taxidermy animals? Every YouTube video is HILARIOUS in all caps. The most WHATEVER you’ve ever seen! They’ll all CHANGE your LIFE.

The most overused phrase in the hype vocabulary has got to be “blow your mind” and its variations.mind blowing google search

Back where I'm from--- The Past ---blowing your mind pretty much had to do with drugs. Weed. LSD. Substances that were said to expand your consciousness with thoughts and concepts your mind wouldn’t have come up with on its own without a little chemical nudge.

“Whoa! What if we are just living on a tiny atom in a huge giant’s ring,” kind of thing.

My research says “blowing your mind” started, like you’d expect, in the 1960s. Jimi Hendrix had his mind blown in the song “Purple Haze,” the one where he kisses the sky. Small Faces felt so inclined to do the same in “Itchycoo Park.” Dr. Hook’s mind was blown when the band got on “The Cover of the Rolling Stone.” Even The Delfonics, a 70s doo wop trio, sang about mind blowing.

Wiki lists eight recent songs called “Blow Your Mind” from country singers Big & Rich to T-Pain, not counting one by Nicki Minaj; someone named Langhorne Slim, and the 2001 ditty by Eve featuring Gwen Stefani. Do any of those songs capture the essence of cosmic heightened awareness? Not so much.

It took a lot more to blow a mind in the 60s. You’d think minds would’ve been getting blown left and right because things were so primitive: phones attached to walls, computers so big they filled entire rooms, books. A lot of really cool things hadn’t been invented. You’d think the slightest modern occurrence would’ve astounded us. But minds weren’t as easily blowable back then even when we sent men to the moon, it was:

“Wow, neat-o,” we said calmly to each other, our minds completely intact, while we watched it on TV. “What a sense of accomplishment.”

Blowing your mind means expanding it, opening your perception to a concept or an insight that spins your very existence 180 degrees or makes a connection you never would’ve made in a million years. “Oh my God! I always thought this one way all my life until now when you’ve got me thinking this other way!”

Blowing your mind isn’t dropping Mentos into diet soda. Near naked men dancing with towels in front of their junk are funny, sure. Interesting, maybe. Unusual. Unique. Entertaining, perhaps. But mind-blowing is pushing it tad.

It’s hype, sure, cranking the volume to rise above the clamor. Then I wonder: could it be that the average mind has shrunk so small that all it takes is a woman making shapes in sand on an overhead projector to blow it.

Oh, and that second to last paragraph that will knock your socks off?

There are over 7 billion people on the planet, ten TRILLION planets in our galaxy, for an estimated 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the universe… You and your easily blown mind are but a speck by comparison.


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