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The focus group: creating by consensus

Jury of your peers? Quick, think of six strangers you encountered recently… That guy in pajama pants sniffing lunchmeat at Jewel. The woman who flipped you off at a stoplight. The creepy subway sleeper. The open-mouthed yawner. Whoever. You’ve got thousands to choose from, from all walks of life. Imagine gathering those six strangers in... Read more »

Stay-at-home parenting is not a job. It’s a passion.

There’s a viral video that went around last week— a guy interviewing applicants for a job with crappy hours, no breaks, where you’re not allowed to sit down and you don’t get paid. It turns out, they’re interviewing for the position of “MOM” or more like stay-at-home mom. Get it? It’s a hard job with no... Read more »

Income Tax Day: file me under wimp

Tomorrow is Income Tax Day. Everyone knows that, right? I only know it because my wife has been walking my son through filling out his tax forms. Otherwise I wasn’t really aware of it being anything other than Tuesday. That’s because I’ve never done my taxes. I’m no scofflaw, part of some protest and the... Read more »

My drawer of rejection: purging negativity

I told my psychologist one day during a session about my “Drawer of Rejection,” a comprehensive collection of every form letter, pitch packet, note, or impersonal Xeroxed slip of paper anybody had ever mailed back to me, rejecting the work I’d submitted for their consideration. She asked me, simply: “why?” I didn’t have an answer.... Read more »