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Defending Gwyneth: actors are people, too

Defending Gwyneth People hate Gwyneth Paltrow. I’m not exactly sure why. Because she’s pretty? Despite what People magazine said, there are lots of hotter celebrities vying for the nation’s checkout lines. Because she’s an actress? She’s no Meryl Streep but then again, she’s no Pamela Anderson either. Because she married a rock star, the lead... Read more »

Secondhand support: quit persecuting smokers

Let me be perhaps the first person to say: quit persecuting smokers… Let the poor oppressed smoking class puff away in peace. I don’t smoke. I’ve never smoked. (The occasional four drags on a wedding reception cigar before I turn green and puke doesn’t count as smoking.) But I’ll stand by other people’s right to... Read more »

I'm Fadding Fast: I can no longer keep up with fads

Help! I’m fadding fast… I’ve lost the ability to keep up with current fads. It’s not uncommon in people “of a certain age.” The pharmaceutical community is sure to come up with a syndrome for it: Fad Apathy Disease (FAD), Trend Enthusiasm Deficit Disorder (TEDD), Chronic Event Attention Fatigue (CEAF). There’s sure to be an... Read more »

One good thing about my kids getting older

If there’s one good thing about my kids getting older, besides their ability to “pick up a six-pack for your dad on your way home,” it’s not having to sit through another kiddy movie, play, or TV show. None of my kids dragged me to see Frozen. Some families have seen it multiple times. It’s... Read more »

My kid’s an a**hole. Get it?

Sarah Fader’s guest blog in the Huffington Post Thursday caused quite a stir. Ms. Fader is a “parenting blogger” and her latest effort is a little essay about how 3-year-old children are assholes. “…it’s not just me,” she explains. “This is a worldwide epidemic. All 3-year-olds do this to their parents. Something happens to children... Read more »