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D#@ks on a Train: Stress of Commuting Can Be Deadly

I’ve been riding Metra downtown and back (with only a short hiatus) for the past 20 years. I think that makes me a veteran train commuter. Last Tuesday was another one of those mornings. It had just snowed the day before, President’s Day. Another five inches on top of the 60-something already dumped on us.... Read more »

Violence Toward Women Strikes a Sour Note

Classic rock has produced a disturbing number of songs over the years that involve violence toward women. I only saw pieces of the 50th anniversary Beatles tribute on TV, but I’d be willing to bet no one performed a heart-felt rendition of Run For Your Life, the Fab Four’s musical homage to jealousy and domestic... Read more »

10 Things That Suck, part 3

There are things that suck in life. Little things. Big things. Annoying things. (First world things, certainly, but still.) And now, from a cranky old guy’s very, very long list of things that suck: the next 10 things that suck: 21. Old Drivers (I get it— their reflexes are slower and their eyesight’s not what... Read more »

Heart Awareness Month: For Women Only?

February is Black History Month, of course, but it’s Canned Food Month and National Grapefruit Month as well. Yesterday was Groundhog’s Day and later this month is Presidents’ Day, the three-day weekend set aside to honor our nation’s great leaders with low, low prices on mattresses and box springs. Let’s not forget Thank a Mailman... Read more »