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Back to Normal-ish: Get Help for Post-Op Depression

Yesterday was my five-year re-birthday… Happy re-birthday to me! Five years ago yesterday I was laid out naked, unconscious, and helpless as a medical team sliced me open like a Thanksgiving turkey and performed an emergency quadruple bypass. Five years and I’m just now getting back to normal-ish, starting to not think about the operation,... Read more »

Kids and Swearing: you kiss your mother with that mouth?

My kids have entered their swearing phase. They curse now, openly, in front of my wife and me, on a fairly regular basis. They’re not really kids anymore, I guess; the youngest is 15. But they’re freely dropping f-bombs and all the other bombs whenever they get a chance. The dinner table. Watching TV. I’ll... Read more »

What Not To Almost Wear

I saw a man not long ago, I was probably out at the theater. He was wearing a Neck Sweater. A sweater, you know, draped across his back, sleeves over his shoulders, hanging down his chest, hugging him around the neck like a knitted monkey— the superfluous Neck Sweater. Just when I thought it was... Read more »

Auld Lang Whine

I’ve done just about everything there is to do for New Year’s Eve… I’ve done the small get-together at someone’s apartment. I’ve stood outside the strip of bars at Division and Rush yelling with thousands of strangers. One year I worked most of the night, picking up a shift from a fellow bartender who begged... Read more »