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Happy Colonoscopy Eve

It’s that time of year again— the wintery weather brings snuggly thoughts of holiday cheer and rosy nostalgia for another year gone by. Gay, happy meetings. Much mistletoeing. And scary ghost stories. Of course, for me, it also brings visions of my colonoscopy dancing in my head. Colonoscopies are a rite of “passage” (pun somewhat... Read more »

As time goes by

On Thursdays during the school year, my daughter rides the train with me into the city. I impart as much Commuter Master’s knowledge to the padawan as she’ll allow: “to run there is no need, if the conductor is loading a wheelchair. An extra minute or two we have…” I’d typically follow up my pearls... Read more »

How will your kid turn out?

One of the nagging questions in the back of every parent’s mind from the time, pretty much, their child is born is: “how will your kid turn out?” Like your kid’s a soufflé or a woodworking project. You worry pretty steadily for the next 20 or 30 years if you’re doing all the right things,... Read more »

Big boys don’t cry: Haim video says guys are wimps.

There’s a hot, new indie trio called Haim (rhymes with “time”) fresh on the music scene. Three sisters in their 20s from the San Fernando Valley in California. Alana Haim, Este Haim, and Danielle Haim. Like the Jonas Brothers, only still together. Their new single The Wire is out from their debut CD Days Are... Read more »

10 More Things That Suck

There are things that suck in life. Little things. Big things. Annoying things. (First world things, for sure.) Here are 10 more things that suck, the next 10 things, from a cranky old guy’s very long list of things that suck: 11. Breathing someone else’s fart (Five seconds ago that foul stench was nestled up... Read more »