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The Art of Small Talk

I suck at small talk. I’ve gotten better at it as I’ve gotten older but I’m still not great. I know people who can chit chat about minutia for hours— the best way to get to 63rd and Kedzie or the ups and downs of our recent cold snap. Me? Not so much. For years... Read more »

The Downside of Downsizing

Talking the Talk My wife and I are talking about selling our house. Downsizing. One of the major events that cause stress in someone’s life, ranking up there with an illness or death of a loved one. It’s a fairly big house as houses go. It’s no McMansion but I’d say it rambles a bit.... Read more »

I'll Be Seeing You

I notice people, strangers. Sitting across from them on the train. Passing them on the street. Standing in line with them at Starbucks. Most of them don’t notice me back. They’re lost in their own world, thinking about what they’ve got to do, where they’ve got to go. I think about these people. I wonder... Read more »

What's my age again?

I’m officially old. At least I feel that way. It wasn’t like I felt like a kid or anything, before. I wasn’t delusionally thinking I was a teenager. But up until the whole Heart Episode of mine a couple years ago, I was happily oblivious to the realities of time, blissfully drifting along in my... Read more »