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Does Matt Lauer hate the midwest?

Does Matt Lauer hate the Midwest? You tell me. Matt Lauer on the Today Show consistently calls the middle US states, the states united in the center, thirty-two or so marked-off areas where lots of people live; he likes to call that the nation’s “mid-section.” I happen to be one of those people and my... Read more »

Is Sara Bareilles Brave?

Sara Bareilles has a new song called Brave. It’s been in the news lately because the new Katy Perry song, Roar, which came out months after, sounds pretty much identical to it. Roar is rallying cry to empower angst-ridden, hormonal tweens against things that’re holding them back, crushing their spirit blah, blah, blah. Not to... Read more »

What's it all about, Mayfly?

I took my two youngest boys and two of their friends up to my sister’s house in Wisconsin last week. It’s a small house on an island in a lake near the Mississippi facing a brilliantly orange, nightly sunset. It’s waterfront property so it’s surrounded by nature. It’s quiet there: no jets passing overhead, no... Read more »

Memory Lane Change

I’m having trouble lately remembering peoples’, um, uhh… names. I was never much of a name guy anyway, never one of those hey-buddy-howya-doin’-call-you-by-your-first-name-six-times-firm-handshake kind of guys. I could work with someone on a project for months. Then if I don’t see them for a week or two, they end up: um, wait, your name is…... Read more »

Money For Nothin'

I pick up money off the ground. Icky, dirty, germy ol’ money. Pennies, dimes, nickels, whatever’s just lying around; I pick it up. From the looks I get from people passing by, you’d think I was scooping dog crap and putting it in my pocket. They wrinkle their noses as they turn backward to watch... Read more »