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Attention: Parents of Small Children!

Parents of small children worry About everything. I know. I have four kids: a girl and three boys. The worrying started over 20 years ago when our first was still just an alien on an ultrasound. My kids are older now— our oldest is a senior in college, the youngest just turned 15. And I’m... Read more »

I Don't Give a Tuck

I don’t tuck much. I can’t say I’ve ever been much of a tucker. Tucking in my shirt, especially when it’s 135 degrees outside like it’s been lately, is like wearing my own personal sauna. It’s a lot of maintenance, tucking, constantly digging around in my pants, jamming the shirt tales down, smoothing the tufts... Read more »

10 Things That Suck

There are things that suck in life. Little things. Big things. Annoying things. Here are only the first 10 things that suck from a cranky old guy’s very long list: 1. Work (So, how much did you and your boss agree an hour of your life is worth? Hm. You’re selling yourself cheap.) 2. Farting... Read more »

Now hear this!

The first song I ever liked was “Love You Save” by The Jackson 5. I loved the way the young girl on the record sang. I hadn’t started buying records yet so I’d wait for the radio to play it on the little transistor I carried around with me. It came with an “earphone,” that... Read more »

You're Going to Hurt Yourself

I didn’t exercise when I was a kid. No formal or organized activities. We had gym class in school— dodgeball and rope climbing and other activities designed to embarrass kids like me who weren’t what you’d call athletic. It’s not that I hate sports. I just don’t love sports. I don’t spend a lot of... Read more »