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You Sing Like a Girl

I’ve been listening to girly music lately… Okay, let me rephrase that: lately, I’ve been listening to music performed by women. Alison Krauss. Annie Lennox. Norah Jones. “I’ve put it all behind me… Nothing left to do or doubt…” —A. Krauss I’ve got Ben Folds, too, on my iTunes. Tom Waits, Neil Young, Beck. Bands... Read more »

James Gandolfini dies... Are you next?

You’ve probably heard by now that James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano, died in Italy yesterday of a heart attack. Somehow this particular celebrity passing made the rounds on the Internet really quickly. Maybe it was because he played that loveable lug on The Sopranos? I might be the only person who’s never seen even a minute... Read more »

Do I drink too much?

Do I drink too much? I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. My doctor says one or two drinks a day is fine. Beer, wine, doesn’t matter. Some studies say it’s actually good for you. But who cuts themselves off at two? We’re an all-or-nothing country. Moderation isn’t in our vocabulary. You’re either... Read more »

Hey Millennials! It's me, Baby Boomer...

Apparently there’s this war I didn’t know about going on between Baby Boomers (67 to 49 year olds) and so-called Millennials or Echo Boomers (32-ish to 13 year olds). My little corner of the blogosphere is buzzing with criticism of how we Boomers permanently screwed up the planet and, more specifically screwed up Millennials’ future.... Read more »