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This is your brain on Facebook

A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook friend of mine posted: “Getting my teeth cleaned” He wasn’t kidding I don’t think. That was his post. The comment chain after his post made it clear that he was at the dentist or on his way there. He’s a writer and a comedian; he’s a funny guy... Read more »

Are you ready for your Three-Quarterlife Crisis?

If 40-somethings can have their Midlife Crisis. And 20-somethings can have their Quarterlife Crisis… I’m entitled to my Three-Quarterlife Crisis! We all know the Midlife Crisis. The classic pudgy guy with hair plugs in his little red corvette. But it’s an actual, psychological phenomenon that affects men and women… You’re caught up with career, family,... Read more »

Are you old? 12 ways to tell if you're older than you think

I wouldn’t call myself old. Inside my head, I’m at least 15 years younger than my driver’s license says. But some days, I sure feel like an old guy. Here are a dozen signs you might be older than you think— as many as I could remember at my age. If you come up with... Read more »

Yoga: Posing with the Devil?

Yoga is The Big Thing all of a sudden… in TV commercials at least. Every other spot, it seems, uses yoga as a setting. Sometimes it’s used for comedy— the doofy guy in the wrong workout clothes who keeps falling over. Sometimes it’s a mom type selling yoga pants for Marshalls or a hot chick... Read more »

Dinner From Down Under

I’m a townie and the child of townies. My mom and dad were born in Chicago on the Sout’ Side ten years or so after my grandparents, all four of them, emigrated from Russia (these days it’s called Belarus). I was born in the city, too, but my parents picked up and moved my sisters... Read more »