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The Death of Me

Can we stop talking about dead people? Just for a day or two? I mean, the Boston bombing victims are tragic enough; do we have to point out every celebrity death? A day doesn’t go by, it seems, that the media doesn’t report a famous or near famous person passing on. They love a death... Read more »

'Til We Meet Again (and Again)

Something else entirely: Off-topic observations posted on an irregular basis. “Your Uncle Walter‘s going on and on ‘bout everything he’s seen and done. The voice of 50 years experience, he’s drunk, watching the television.” — Ben Folds   “I’ll set up a meeting.” We love saying that, especially in the business world. It makes us feel... Read more »

You Oughtta Be In Pictures

As part of a tribute to Roger Ebert: reflections on what part movies have played in my life.   I couldn’t tell you where I got my love for movies. My father was a moviegoer but he wasn’t what you’d call a movie lover. He’d go every week or so in the middle of the... Read more »

Back Me Up On This

I am a hoarder. But not the regular kind of hoarder, living inside a maze of stacked old newspapers that they’ll never read. I’m a cyber hoarder; I have stacks of 3-inch floppy disks in my basement so old there’s no software that’ll ever read them. “Cyber hoarder” is a relatively new term to describe... Read more »

Mental Maintenance

I had my one-year follow-up session with my psychologist a couple of weeks ago. It had been a whole year since I saw her last, sat on her couch, cried about my first world problems. Last April, she felt we were done, done-ish anyway. Done enough. Time for me to tiptoe back out into the... Read more »