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Lower heart disease risk with fish and wine

Eating nuts, beans, and olive oil can save your life… These are the encouraging results of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine yesterday. They call it the Mediterranean diet. That, apparently, is how people from that part of the world eat. People from the region are healthier, they say. They have... Read more »

I never learned how to speak "sports"

I’m not what you’d call a normal guy. Even before the weekly weeping sessions at my therapist after my quadruple bypass, I knew my Guy-ro-scope was off, somehow. For one thing: I don’t speak “sports.” It’s my native tongue, I suppose, the language of my kind, but I never quite learned it. It’s all my... Read more »

Parental Guidance

My son, Jack, walked into the living room a couple of days ago and plopped down on the chair next to me while I was watching TV. It made me think back to evenings, years ago, when I’d plop down on the floor to watch TV with my dad. I would’ve been about Jack’s age.... Read more »

The Heart of Queens

Last Friday was “National Wear Red Day for Women,” part of “Women’s Heart Awareness Month.” Throughout February there’s: “Go Red for Women,” part of “America’s Go Red Challenge” and the “Red Dress Event” a designer fashion show, supporting women’s heart health. Guys? Looks like we’re on our own. There are nearly one million heart attacks in this country... Read more »

The Heat Is On

I wet the bed at night. Not the kind of wet the bed I did on and off ‘til about 6th grade (that’s another story!). Maybe it’s more accurate to say I sweat the bed at night… Night sweats. Hot flashes. Whatever you want to call ‘em, every morning I wake up looking like I... Read more »